"Let us reason together…" Isaiah 1:18


The Secret to our Multi-ethnic Success

MCA Church is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-socioeconomic worship community that loves one another deeply. We rarely talk about racism in our gatherings because we simply feel that crying racism actually strengthens and lengthens this terrible sin against the image of God.

A racist is a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

A bigot is a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

A xenophobe is a person who is unduly fearful of what is foreign.

NONE of these three perspectives please God and all three are a great insult to being created in the image of God.

The racist, bigot, and xenophobe often struggle with unhealthy and sinful prejudice.

To be prejudiced is to hold a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

Most forms of prejudice are sin because they can not be true. People can not accurately be assessed by skin color, race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic standing, or height or weight.

Here at MCA Church we hold to a very simple and basic solution.  Our highly effective plan won’t make headlines, may seem unsophisticated and kindergarten-ish.

We don’t mind.  We are a simple folk. Our plan requires only three Jesus’ words to define.

Sorry.  No long books to read.  No degrees to be earned.  No sensitivity training required.

Time for the great unveiling of MCA Church’s secret to our multi-ethnic success.

“Love your neighbor.”



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Lives Lived Full

The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ primary revelation of life in the new and living way.  Hebrews 10:19, 20

Jesus introduces the New and Living Way as “The kingdom of heaven” and the proper response is repentance.  Mt. 4:17

If the Sermon on the Mount is the delicious meat, cheese, and condiments, then God’s kingdom is the bread (two slices) that make the full sandwich meal.  Matthew 4:23 and Matthew 9:35

The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 6, and 7) is Jesus’ portrait of a disciple (citizen) in this New and Living Way called the kingdom of God.

The followers of God’s first Covenant had lost the pulse of the agreement and turned their hearts away from God and to external religious actions.

God’s first Covenant had been emptied of its meaning and purpose and rather than giving life, it became something that became a life draining burden.  Matthew 23:1-3

Jesus, in the New and Living Way, fills the first Covenant back up with its meaning and purpose. Humanity’s interaction with God will again have life and joy and be FULL.  Matthew 5:17

In this way, following Jesus is the process of moving into the fullness of citizenship in the kingdom of God.  Matthew 5:48

Jesus filled full the first Covenant.  Christian discipleship is filling full my life as a citizen of the kingdom of God.

Jesus makes it exceedingly clear; teaching (philosophy) without doing (practice) indicates that one is empty of the influence of Jesus (Person). Matthew 5:20

Discipleship, according to Jesus, is being a salty light in a city that is on top of a hill.  In other words, when one is a citizen of the kingdom of God, other people can taste the kingdom, see by the kingdom, and see the kingdom.  Matthew 5:13-16

Advent Affirmation

I am taking my Jesus’ flavor, light, and influence public.

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Christianity is Christ!

Last week we began the process of talking about being Christian persons of philosophy and practice.

  • Philosophical Christian and Practical Christian
  • Philosophical Christian and Practical Secularist
  • Philosophical Secularist and Practical Christian
  • Philosophical Secularist and Practical Secularist

The God first life, when everything about our thinking and being starts with God as He is, is based upon understanding how God and humans interact.

In God’s first covenant with humanity, God’s special presence rested in the Holy of Holies and God interacted with people through the High Priest who could draw near to God once a year on behalf of all people.

Entrance to God’s glorious presence was protected by the veil, or curtain, which separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Temple and people.

At the very moment Jesus died on the cross the Temple’s veil was torn in two from the top down.  Matthew 27:50, 51

God’s glorious presence is no longer limited to one man, once a year, through a veil.

In God’s New Covenant, access to His glorious presence is available to everyone, all the time, through Jesus, the new and living way through the curtain.  Hebrews 10:19, 20

One of the most profound invitations to interaction with God is, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”  James 4:8

The birth of Jesus is God drawing near to humanity in an almost unbelievable way; God becoming human.  John 1:14

Because God drew near to us, we may draw near to God.  Jesus is the new and living way into the glorious presence of God.

The thinking (philosophy) and being (practice) of Christianity is revealed in the Person, Jesus Christ.

From the Person (Jesus) we learn the philosophy and practice of drawing near to God.

The philosophy and practice of the first covenant between God and people became, unfortunately, a disconnected set of ideas and practices that were not integrated into the lives of the followers.

  • Deuteronomy 6:4, 5
  • Isaiah 29:13

With the birth of Jesus an entirely new and living way for human beings to draw near to God was initiated.

Just as the Jewish people disconnected the philosophy and practice of the first covenant from their hearts and lives, we may disconnect from the Person, Jesus Christ.

May our sincerest prayer and the cry of our souls be, “Lord, remove all veils that are barriers to me drawing near to you through your Son, Jesus Christ.”




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Philosophical and Practical

Today’s message starts with point 2 below.  We are giving thought to how it is possible to be a philosophical Christian but a practical humanist or secularist.  Our goal is to harmonize and integrate the two into a wholistic Christ-like life.

Many people, often Christians, live their lives similarly to Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.
“–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added as an explanation.
“Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”

“I don’t much care where – so long as I get somewhere.”

The Bible’s Bull’s Eye for Complete Christian Character is GOD!  Genesis 1:1, Psalm 111:10

  • If you get God wrong, everything else in life will have a measure of “wrongness.”
  • If you have God out of focus, everything else in life will be blurry
  • If you get God out of the center, everything else will be misaligned.

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” A.W. Tozer in “The Knowledge of the Holy”

“Our supreme need is to know God.” Martin Lloyd Jones in “God’s Ultimate Purpose.”

Paul recognized this as the primary struggle of the people of Athens (Acts 17:22-31).

  1. Paul noticed the Athenians were entirely lost and without direction.
    1. I perceive that in every way you are very religious. 22
    2. The objects of your worship. Vs. 23
    3. An altar to “the unknown” Vs. 23
  2. What was worshiped as unknown, has revealed Himself and can be known. 23
    1. God can be known but never fully. Psalm 145:3, Romans 11:33
    2. Facts about God can be known. 1 John 4:8, 1 John 1:5
    3. We can know more than facts about God, we can know God personally! Jeremiah 9:23-24
    4. We can know God, personally, and in knowing Him we have eternal life. John 17:3
  3. The God. (There is only one God) Vs. 24

Biblical Theism           God first                      God is in charge

Humanism                  Humans first               Humans are in charge

Secularism                  Without God               The state is in charge


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Sugar and Misogyny

My theory is: Since my body is a collection of billions of cells, if I care for each cell and help it be healthful, I should have a healthy body.  This is part of the reason I have gone “added sugar and grain free” for the past several months.

The research has me convinced of the excruciating damage added sugar has on cellular processes.  Added sugar, inflammation, and disease each seem to impact the other in a negative downward spiral of unhealthfulness.

The only one of the three that I can easily control is the………added sugar.

Wanting to provide the nutritional building blocks necessary for cellular health, I have adjusted my eating habits.

Cellular health is important.

I hear the news media is filled with conversations about misogyny. Having no trust at all in the media, I venture out into my own thoughts (scary, I know).

  • What if the folks identifying others as misogynists are, in fact, misandrists?
  • What if the folks defending misogynists are, in fact misandrists?
  • What if the folks identifying others as misandrists are, in fact, misogynists?
  • What if the folks defending misandrists are, in fact, misogynists?
  • What if most folks are neither?

It seems to me that Eve and Adam are still mad at each other.

Back to my cellular theory.

I have heard it said, “You are the Body of Christ,” but I have never heard, “You are a cell in the Body of Christ.”  I certainly feel more like a cell.

The question for me then, is, “Am I a healthy cell in the Body of Christ?”

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi for his discoveries of mechanisms of autophagy. From my non-scholarly perspective, autophagy is the process by which each cell deletes damaged bio-data and replaces it with new, undamaged bio-data.

Being a cell in the body of Christ would then include mechanisms of autophagy. I must delete damaged data and replace it with new, undamaged data. Maybe autophagy is a component of sanctification.

I hope to ensure that misandry and misogyny are never allowed to gain a foothold in me.

  • Misogyny is the dislike, disdain, or ingrained prejudice against women.
  • Misandry is the dislike, disdain, or ingrained prejudice against men.

Just like added sugar damages my cells and cellular processes, misogyny and misandry damage me as a cell in the Body of Christ. Both Eve and Adam are made in the image of God and are valuable beyond words.

I can’t take out the cellular trash for the whole body, but I can for my one cell.  I can eliminate added sugar from

My prayer is for the autophagy of the Holy Spirit to delete any and all misogyny and misandry from my heart and replace it with proper and Jesus-like love for both women and men.




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For an Alaska Free of Racism and Abortion

The difference between unity and uniformity can not be given adequate emphasis in our multi-cultural congregation. No one ethnicity comprises a majority of MCA Church adherents, volunteers, or donors. We are a collection of diverse people brought together by God as a microcosm of the age to come.

Uniformity requires a standardization and similarity.  Of sorts, uniformity is an external matter that can be seen.  Uniformity hints at aligning with a standard, pattern, or paradigm.  It begs us to think the same, look identical, sound similar, and be of the patterned shape.  Thus the “uni” and the “form” parts of the word.

Unity, on the other hand, is more of an internal matter of the heart and soul. Unity is the quality or state of not being multiple, a condition of harmony, the quality or state of being one (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unity).

My family is a unity.  We have each other’s love, respect, and are growing in harmony and the state of being one.  We have unity. However, we all have different spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional forms.  We are diverse within our unity.

Multicultural congregations have the opportunity to show each other and those who would observe from the outside that God’s family is not primarily a unity that demands conformity but, rather, a glorious unity amidst dynamic diversity.

MCA Church understands that unity requires a level of essential uniformity with general diversity. The essential uniformity are matters of faith that identify the core ingredients of our belief systems.  Membership in Muldoon Community Assembly requires the uniformity of belief that the Bible is the infallible, authoritative, inerrant word of God and the only rule of faith and practice. This required essential uniformity then blossoms into hundreds of diverse forms.

St. Paul said to the Ephesian church,

I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit—just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call— one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift. Ephesians 4:3

Paul’s word selection for unity in verse three is from the Greek word, one. A great way to say what Paul had in mind is “one-ness” or oneness. When we align with Paul’s teaching we are committed to the one-ness of “one body and one Spirit…one hope…one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all.”

The power of oneness or unity is gargantuan.  The Spirit’s unity is so vital that we are to be eager to maintain it. MCA Church, we are one!

At the same time, we have multiple forms. We are people of many ethnicities, backgrounds, nationalities, political parties, cultures, tastes, and interests.

We share each other’s heart.  We celebrate each other’s diversity.

One of our congregation’s recent opportunities was to grieve with our Thai friends as they walked through the loss of their beloved king. Most of our congregation have never lived in an earthly kingdom, never been subject to a king, nor have much understanding of the deep love our Thai families have for their king.

The participants in our loving church family have many various backgrounds in relationship to governments.

  • Many of our Inupiat, Yup’ik, Athabascan, and Aleuts are familiar with government by tribal elders.
  • Pastor Edgardo and Miriam have been effective for our Lord in El Salvador’s presidential representative democratic republic.
  • Our Burkina Faso congregations live with a President, Prime Minister, and King type of government (one of my life’s joys was meeting with the Prime Minister and the King).
  • Those from Russia and the nations of the former Soviet Union have served Christ faithfully under leaders such as the eighth Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev and President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.
  • Our Sudanese participants are familiar with what is officially named a presidential representative democratic consociationalist republic.
  • Many others from Central and South America know various forms of government.  Our church family includes great people from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Brazil.
  • My good Australian Aboriginal brothers and sisters (The indigenous people of Australia are considered the longest surviving culture on earth) have served God faithfully through many varieties of government.

MCA Church is a powerful unity who has served God faithfully without the general uniformity of government systems. My first experience, personally, with the awareness of God’s kingdom being beyond government systems came to me on my first day in Kolkata (Calcutta then), India in 1978.

As my sister and I walked down Royd Street to meet with Missionary Mark Buntain, I looked up and saw the hammer and sickle flags flying. To this day I am not sure what the flags represented, maybe a foreign flag or a state flag or a region flag.

Like a lightening bolt it hit this just turned eighteen year old, “God’s kingdom and the Gospel are not related to national boundaries, governments, and systems.”

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 revealed to the world that the United States of America is a nation of many various and often contradictory views of the roll of government, what is best for our nation, who is qualified to lead our people, and the directions in which this nation should go.

Some segments call Tuesday a miracle.  Others consider it a catastrophe.

Both of these opinions are welcomed at MCA Church. Political uniformity is not essential nor even expected in our House of Worship. My very best friends and I disagree on politics and elections all the time (especially this election). I wouldn’t be surprised if our seven board members voted for seven different candidates and who knows how our pastoral staff voted?

With eleven weekend services it may be that each service had voting similarities or huge variation. Your vote was your moral conscience in written form and is totally encouraged on every level.

MCA Church doesn’t expect, intend, or hope for political uniformity.

Unity of the Spirit in our congregations?  ABSOLUTELY.  We love each other, live in harmony, and are one in Christ. Don’t mess with a democrat at MCA! Our Republicans will get all up in your face and say, “Don’t mess with my family!” Got a hankering to demean a Republican? You’ll get an earful from our democrat members. Why?  Because we love each other and honor unity without expecting general uniformity.

It is in this unity of the Spirit that we continue to do the work of the Spirit to which we feel God has called us.

At the core of our unity and essential uniformity is the ending of the two most sinful behaviors in our beloved United States of America, racism and abortion.

Abortion kills people before they are born.  Racism kills people after they are born.

Both are ABOMINATIONS before God. There is no excuse for either of these atrocities to exist in the heart of a disciple of Jesus.

If you HATE racism, release your creative solutions and help change all of Alaska.

If you HATE abortion, live out your calling with positive solutions and love.

MCA Church, are you up for a God sized dream?

Let’s maintain the unity of the Spirit and help Alaska become the first State to destroy these two egregious sins.

I voted in hopes of ending abortion. Let’s team up and find an end to the killing.

You voted in hopes of ending racism. Let’s join together and see it’s demise.






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Far More Important Things

Having cast my ballot as my conscience required and feeling comfortable with being morally responsible for my vote, I now get back to work on FAR more important things; advancing, enhancing, and protecting my King’s kingdom.

King Jesus let us know that His “kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36).” Our King’s kingdom is expansive and inclusive. It is the kingdom of heaven that includes all of the earth.

Our King’s kingdom (all authority is given unto me both in heaven and on earth) includes every atheist, agnostic, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, pagan, pantheistic, and Christian nation on earth.

His kingdom is everywhere.

If King Jesus’ kingdom is here why oppressive regimes like North Korea?  Why disease? Racism? Violence? Countries, disease, racism and violence are of this world.

The White House, Senate, House of Representatives, supreme court, and the FBI are of this world. Passports, visas, borders, and state lines are of this world. Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, the US dollar, the Yen, the Euro, and the Peso are of this world. ESPN, FIFA, and the NFL are of this world.

The Democrat, Republican, and Independent parties are of this world.

King Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world!

Citizen of Jesus’ kingdom be encouraged. Be bold.  Be strong.  No election, national leader, or world view can intrude upon the global and universal kingdom of King Jesus!

Citizen of Jesus’ kingdom today we get back to work.  We work for righteousness, justice, mercy, and humility in all the kingdoms and countries of the world.

Citizen of Jesus’ kingdom our loyalty is to our King and his kingdom that is not of this world.  The earthly kingdoms hated our King, moved to destroy His unseen kingdom, and brought an end to His physical life.  “If they hate me, they will hate you.”

We love our King and His kingdom more than we love our lives and therefore we don’t worry and fret we have far more important things to do.




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My Presidential Vote

All three of us are pastors who love God. We have given our lives for His Church. We honestly hold our Bible beliefs.  We love each other dearly.  YET… All three of us will vote for different Presidential candidates.

Before I comment on the who questions it may be helpful to begin with the basic question of why.

When our King, Jesus the Messiah, was born, the Kingdom of God was established on the earth.  King Jesus’ incarnate ministry began following John the Baptist’s proclamation, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 3:2).”  Jesus’ message began with the exact same announcement, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17).”

Our King’s kingdom is beyond earthly borders, elected officials, capital buildings, and politics. King Jesus reigns supreme in the kingdom of heaven.

Those who have placed their trust in Jesus for salvation are citizens of His kingdom.

There are citizens of Jesus’ kingdom (I am guessing) in every government established on earth today.  I am confident that King Jesus has citizens living under the government of North Korea and also in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  Our King’s kingdom is everywhere.

First and foremost Christians are citizens of the kingdom of heaven and we are subjects of the King of kings.  We are also citizens under the leadership of presidents, prime ministers, kings, ayatollas, dictators, and any number of other titles for national leaders.

When one’s citizenship in the kingdom of heaven conflicts with the citizenship requirements of earthly governments, the Christian must always choose the kingdom of heaven.

I don’t break the speed limit because I am a citizen of the kingdom of heaven but because I am a law abiding citizen of the State of Alaska.  Jesus is my King and Bill Walker is my Governor.

In earthly governments that select leadership by voting (many nations of the world would literally die to have the right to vote) a Christian may ask, “Should I live as a citizen of the kingdom of heaven or as a citizen of my nationality?” Until the time it is impossible, do both.

My vote is my voice.

My ballot is the only legally binding and official voice given to me as a citizen of the United States of America.  I can voice my voice in many ways about various issues, and I should, however, casting my ballot is the only legally binding voice I have in the USA.

My vote is my morality in a simple “Please mark your ballot” form.  I can talk for years about Biblical morality, ethics, philosophy, sociology, economics, and a host of other topics, but this all gets completely integrated into one simple oval marked with a pen by my hand.

I am thankful for an earthly government that (at least for now) welcomes my voice.  Yes, Christians should vote (as long as you are free to vote your Christian conscience).

More important than “Do Christians have a moral obligation to vote?” is the question, “Am I morally responsible for my vote?”


The Apostle Paul was morally responsible for the murder of Christianity’s first martyr, Stephen.  To my knowledge Paul never threw a stone and never even touched this Christian hero.  But he was morally responsible.  Why?  In Paul’s own words,

And when the blood of Stephen your witness was being shed, I myself was standing by and approving and watching over the garments of those who killed him. Acts 22:20

In essence, Paul was morally responsible because he “voted” for Stephen’s murder. My conscience does not allow me to vote for a person who clearly and articulately fights for the murder of God’s unborn children or for a candidate who fights for unjust war. You and I are morally responsible for the stated intentions of the candidates for whom we vote.

The Bible reveals that Christians are morally responsible even for things we don’t do!  How can a person be responsible for something they don’t do?

So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. James 4:17

“I am sick of people saying that I have some culpability for abortion just because I vote for a pro-abortion candidate!” I heard a man exclaim.  “Sorry, sir. Not doing the right thing for the unborn is a personal sin before the Holy God.”

In the USA elections you can vote for a write-in candidate, which I did four years ago.  I expressed my Christian conscience through the voice of my vote.  A Christian can surely find someone on the planet that aligns with their conscience.

After the basic why of voting comes the more complicated who of voting. Every Christian is encouraged to apply their understanding of the Bible to the system for selecting their ballot choice system.

As citizens, first and foremost, of the kingdom of heaven (King Jesus), I should vote for the earthly government candidates, propositions, and judges whom I believe will most advance, enhance, and protect the kingdom of heaven and it’s citizens.

I have no political advice for anyone.  Politics is mostly an unknown to me.  In fact, I don’t approach national and state elections from a political perspective, but rather from a Biblical morality view.  Righteousness is more important to me than most anything else.

When seeking to determine for whom I will vote, I consider Four Foundational Questions regarding Bible truths.

  1. Does the candidate and party platform firmly hold to “The Bible is the infallible, authoritative word of God and the only rule of faith and practice?”
  2. Does the candidate and party platform firmly hold to understanding God as Self-revealed in the Bible?
  3. Does the candidate and party platform firmly hold to understanding Jesus as revealed in the Bible?
  4. Does the candidate and party platform firmly hold to understanding the Holy Spirit as revealed in the Bible?

In the previous national election (and appears to be in the 2016 national election) it was obvious that either the Democratic or Republican ticket would win the election.

I asked my four questions of President Obama and Vice President Biden and candidate Romney and Ryan.

President Obama received a NO on all four questions.  Vice President Biden received a NO on all four questions.

Candidate Romney received a NO on all four questions.  Candidate Ryan received a full YES on three questions and a partial YES on one question.

With eight NO answers on the Democratic candidates and platform, I couldn’t, in clear conscience, vote for this ticket.

With four NO answers and 3.5 YES answers on the Republican candidates and platform, I had to think a bit deeper. Since the four NO answers were from the Presidential nominee and the 3.5 YES answers were from the Vice Presidential nominee, I couldn’t, in clear conscience, vote for this ticket.

Some will ask why the difference between my take on Biden and Ryan since they are both Catholic.  Biden, in my understanding, is not faithful and not in alignment with Catholic Christian teachings and practice (about almost everything) and Ryan is faithful and in alignment with Catholic Christian teachings and practice.

In the 2016 national election the two tickets and platforms most likely to be elected are again the Democratic and Republican candidates.

As I go through my four questions, I place the candidates and platforms as follows:

Hillary Clinton receives a NO on all four questions. Tim Kaine is a bit of a challenge in that what he states he believes and how he has governed are in direct opposition to each other. In governing the slaughter of the unborn and people in sexual sin candidate Kaine has consistently violated his stated Catholic beliefs. In this way he receives a half YES on all four questions for a total of two.

Donald Trump, scuzzy as he has been, receives (like Kaine) a half YES on all four questions, for a total of two. Trump is a bit of a challenge in my system because he is, reportedly, a rather recent convert to Christianity. People that I trust, such as James Dobson, James Robison, and others, have stated that Mr. Trump committed his life to Christ a couple of years ago and has a WHOLE lot of discipleship needs.  In my simple system, Trump receives two YES answers.

Pence, on the other hand, receives four solid YES answers.

Clinton, Kaine, and the Democratic platform receive two YES and six NO answers to my questions.

Trump, Pence, and the Republican platform receive six YES and two NO answers.

The final tally on my Foundational Four Questions is:

  • Clinton, Kaine, and the Democratic platform – Two YES and Six NO
  • Trump, Pence, and the Republican platform – Six YES and Two NO

Last week I cast my ballot for the Trump, Pence, Republican ticket.

One of my dear friends and one of the respected elders in Alaska and beyond said to me four years ago, “We aren’t electing a Pastor and Chief, we are electing a Commander and Chief.”

My only reply is,

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
    and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. Proverbs 9:10

I would be morally responsible for voicing my vote for a candidate who doesn’t have even the beginning of wisdom or insight.

MCA Church does not support any candidate or political party.  What MCA Church supports is thought through application of Biblical teaching and morality to your voting decisions.

You will stand before God with moral responsibility for your votes. Align your conscience with the Bible and then voice your vote.

Several people have asked, “Pastor Kent, will you help us understand how you are navigating this election so we have more ways to think about our decisions?”

My Foundational Four Questions don’t answer questions like, “Who is better for the economy?  Who is better for keeping America safe? Who will best handle the refugee crisis? Who will be best for my health care needs?”

I can’t advise on these kinds of questions because I don’t know.

My advice is study, pray, vote.

My two pastor friends and I will all three voice our Bible based consciences.

Three different candidates will at least have one vote each.




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Are Professing Christians the Problem?

Intensity flows through my veins when God is in anyway connected to evil. It is inconceivable to me that anyone, especially Christians, would place causation of evil upon Him to whom the angels cry, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

“In all this Job did not sin or charge God with wrong.” Job 1:22 ESV

The slaughter of God’s children, inside their mother’s wombs, to the god of feminism is the most unconscionable act of Satan and sinful humanity.  Nothing matches the wickedness of this anti image-of-God, anti life-of-God, anti prized-creation-of-God abomination.

Please don’t believe that God wants, wills, or somehow is a more glorious God because of wickedness. By definition, to God nothing can be added and nothing can be subtracted.  If you can improve God, He isn’t God.  If you can reduce God, He isn’t God. God is truly the Self-Existent, Self-Sustaining, I AM.

Every four years (The United States Presidential election cycle) I beg and plead, rebuke and exhort any Christian who will give me a moment of their time, to disavow any allegiance to the works of Satan.

Born in 1960, my life has been lived under ten Presidents of the United States. Each president has claimed, to my knowledge, the name of Christ.

  • President John F. Kennedy  –  Catholic
  • President Lyndon B. Johnson – Baptized in 1923 at the “Christian Church” also called the “Disciples of Christ”
  • President Richard M. Nixon – Quaker also known as the Religious Society of Friends
  • President Gerald Ford – Episcopalian
  • President Jimmy Carter – Baptist
  • President Ronald Reagan – Disciples of Christ
  • President George H. W. Bush – Episcopalian
  • President Bill Clinton – Baptist
  • President George W. Bush – Methodist
  • President Barak Obama – Unspecified protestant

With this presidential history the United States has become as ungodly as any civilization in history.  These men have led our country into possibly the greatest spiritual decline in the history of the world.

This version of “christian leadership” has produced rampant debauchery, unprecedented vileness, and moral depravity beyond measure. Without a doubt these presidents have led the United States to a precipice of Divine judgement.

Who were the folks casting ballots for this type of leadership? What is the fiber of the folks who tirelessly worked these long and difficult campaigns? What is in the soul of the donors who sacrificially contributed for these elections?

The VAST majority are those who claim to be professing Christians. Professing Christians empowered this historic spiritual collapse. Professing Christians cheered the selection of anti-god, anti-Bible supreme court justices (I don’t capitalize because my Supreme Court is in Heaven).  Professing Christians say, “Personally I oppose abortion, but I feel it is every woman’s personal right to chose to kill God’s baby in her womb.” Professing Christians cheer on sexual sin as the freedom of personal choice.

The equation looks like this:

Professing Christians casting ballots + Professing Christians as Presidents = the greatest spiritual decline in the history of the world!

There must be something WRONG with professing Christians.

On September 12, 1960 presidential candidate John F. Kennedy spoke to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association.  Listen to the gigantic spiritual errors in the soon to be president’s speech.

I’m grateful for your generous invitation to speak my views.

While the so-called religious issue is necessarily and properly the chief topic here tonight, I want to emphasize from the outset that we have far more critical issues to face in the 1960 election: the spread of Communist influence, until it now festers 90 miles off the coast of Florida; the humiliating treatment of our president and vice president by those who no longer respect our power; the hungry children I saw in West Virginia; the old people who cannot pay their doctor bills; the families forced to give up their farms; an America with too many slums, with too few schools, and too late to the moon and outer space.

These are the real issues which should decide this campaign. And they are not religious issues — for war and hunger and ignorance and despair know no religious barriers.

Fifty-six years later, amidst this significant spiritual collapse, professing Christians are still saying, “We have far more critical issues to face in this election…than the fear of God, faith in Jesus, and obedience to God’s word. The real issues which should decide this campaign are “too late to the moon and outer space.””

What might be wrong with “professing christians?”

  • Professing Christ without knowing Jesus
  • Professing Christ without obedience to the Holy Bible
  • Professing Christ and believing that God needs darkness to somehow help His light
  • Professing Christ and believing that no amount of sin is a deal breaker
  • Professing Christ but replacing “thus saith the Lord” with, “I think…”

Every day, without exception, in this presidential election cycle, I hear professing christians speak opinions that will only push this nation further to the cliff of God’s judgement.

When I say “The greatest spiritual decline in the history of the world came from the ballots of professing christians and their leadership selections,” I speak against the tide of “tolerance” running rampant in this country.

Jesus’ best friend revealed the intolerance of our Lord.

Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8

Maybe professing christians who make a practice of sinning are of the devil?

Maybe believing that God needs the works of the devil is exactly what the devil hopes one will believe?

My take on Romans 12:9 is that sincere love must hate what is evil and cling to what is good.  Is it possible that professing christians think they have sincere love but do not hate what is evil?

I try to live honestly before God and people.  I don’t recall any one ever saying to me, “Kent, I don’t know where you stand on this issue.” I HATE what is evil (to the degree that I understand evil) and I HATE suggesting that God is the cause of evil and I HATE when good is made evil and evil is made good.

I ask God to help me CLING to the goodness of the image of God in all people, even those who who make evil a practice and those who are, in essence, evil people.

It seems a majority of professing christians must hate what is good and cling to what is evil otherwise 51,923,070 little US citizens would have been welcomed to embrace their first breath.

Don’t welcome evil as something that enhances God but make your vote a “destroying the works of the devil” ballot.

Do more than profess Christ.

“Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 13:14


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Just Plain Nuts!

This dude says to me, “Whoever wins the election, God will be glorified.”

What kind of theological perspective is that? Trying to do theology many times people become crazy folks, out of touch with simple logic and truth.

He might as well of said, “Praise God for Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, and American slavery.”

The “God will be glorified” crowd, in essence, have a God who is in total control of a closed system (The whole closed system thing died long ago).  Therefore, this controlling and causative God is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens everywhere, all the time.  “It’s God’s sovereignty,” they proclaim.

Yep.  They believe the sovereignty of God indicates that God intentionally and purposefully raised up Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, and American slavery.  God intended for the masses to be murdered and our black brothers enslaved, they believe.  God, in fact wants babies aborted, children to have incurable cancer, and other children to starve.  After all, in His sovereignty, God predetermines all things.

Just plain nuts.

I nearly fell out of my seat one day when one of these famous “Greater Glory for God” preachers said, “Christians should never help the non-elect poor.  When you help the non-elect poor, you are fighting the judgement of God on their lives.”

Just plain nuts!

God, you see, needs greater glory and He needs it so desperately that He turns to causing evil in order to get this greater glory.  If your kid contracts an incurable disease, you can rest in the fact that God designed, intended, and planned for this because He needs greater glory.

Knowing that this is craziness for any decent human being to believe, they throw down their “trump” card (Bwahaha), “It is for His greater glory.”  “It is a mystery how God causes evil for His glory.”  They say.

Just plain nuts!

This crowd actually defines God as the One and Only Sinner!  How?  In a closed system in which God alone is the first and only cause, He alone has responsibility for sin.

He is responsible for your election and salvation.  If you aren’t elect, you are toast because it is a matter of intentional thought and determination by God.  Your non-Christian Karma has been set by God.  If, on the other hand, you are elect (I’m never quite sure what measure of pride enables this crowd to assume they are elect?) no amount of evil action on your part is a deal breaker with God, because He too uses evil for His purposes.

Just plain nuts!

Many folks in this crowd are very dear friends of mine.  “Kent, I’ll never know why God foreordained my son’s drowning death at such a young age.”  “I don’t know why God wanted me to have this cancer.” “Why do you think God intended me to have this painful divorce?”

To assume that God’s sovereignty requires causation is, in my understanding, a HUGE insult to the true character and sovereignty of God.  To suggest that God’s heart includes the causation of evil is preposterous heresy.

“Haven’t you read Romans 13:1, you bozo pastor?” They ask.  Much to their amazement, I have actually glanced at Romans a time or two.

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”

Paul simply points out that all true authority is His.  He has shared a small portion of His authority with systems of governance in man-made authority “blocks.”

If Putin has authority in the man-made governance system called Russia, that authority is from God.  If Bashar al-Assad has authority in the man-made governance system called Syria, that authority is from God.

In NO WAY is Paul suggesting that governing authorities are always pleasing to God and that their decisions are part of God’s sovereign rule on the earth.  In Paul’s mind, any authority that is rightfully in the stewardship of a person or government, is authority instituted by God.  When you fight true authority, you fight God.

I’m fairly sure that Rome was a miserable place in which to be a Christian. Names like Caligula and Nero come to mind.  Yuck!  Scum of the earth type leaders.  And these were the people governing our brothers and sisters to whom Paul was writing.

Paul, in my view, was saying, “Rome is a man-made space with borders drawn by human beings.  Inside that man-made space called Rome there is the need for governance and authority.  The governance and authority established there was established by God.”

Paul is NOT saying, “Nero was God’s choice to lead Rome.”  He is saying, “God has established governance and authority in Rome and Nero has come to power.”

If Rome had been open to an election, I am thoroughly convinced Paul would have said, “Nero has seized governance and authority.  Vote the bum out.  #NeverNero.”

God’s sovereignty often flows through human choices.

God being glorified is not the issue at hand.  The I Am will be just fine.

It matters who wins national elections.  #Electionsmatter

To live otherwise is Just Plain Nuts.





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