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Christmas Stories?

Often the most effective communication flows through a real life story. I have never measured, but it seems to me that a large majority of Biblical revelation is presented in story form.

Will you send us your favorite Christmas stories? kentredfearn@pastorkent.me

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Help with a heated staff debate……….


It goes like this. God brings us this new youth pastor dude. With all of our screening procedures, interviews, internet checks etc., we somehow didn’t pick up that he is a Dallas Cowboy fan. Well, this doesn’t sit well with the girl from Wisconsin, Mrs. Charles Niemann, nor the Washington born and bred Richard Seahawk Carlson, nor Colorado committed Dale Bronco Baker. Rumor has it that our Christ for the Nations trained Global Outreach director, Mike, is in full support of the new youth pastor guy. Further investigation reveals that most of our staff are not really for anyone, but most definitely anti-Dallas.

You are needed. You may be our only hope of solving our dilemma.

Who will win on Thursday? Brett and the Packs or Tony and the Boys?

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White Burkinabe!

Our team has successfully completed their journeys to Burkina Faso. They are reporting fantastic experiences and a tremendous growth in their love for Burkina and the Lord. Pastor Joany Bazemo told me that the team was a “real and wonderful blessing.”

The Lord willing, I will be leading another team to Burkina in February. If you are interested in traveling with our team, please let me know so that I can get you an application.


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Soul Winner Steve

Not too long ago, I remember Steve trusting in Christ as his Savior. Last night, Steve introduced another person to trust in Christ. That’s why I am calling him soul winner Steve. Keep on sharing, Steve.stevewright.jpg

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Moses and Joshua

During the time of Moses the children of Israel proved that a mighty revelation of God to one person does not necessarily morph into a powerful revelation of God to all the people. You and I would be delighted to follow Moses. We would email all of our contact list, “Just an update, I am close friends with a great leader named Moses. You ought to consider leaving your post and joining our journey. ” Yet the people of Israel simply didn’t track well with Moses.

From my perspective, the million dollar question is, “How do people receive their own personal revelation, so that they are not following the other persons experience, but their own?”

How many generations are you removed from a powerful revelation of Jesus Christ?

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Fanatastic Funeral for Ada Geesey


True to her calling, faithful to a commitment, and an instrument of mercy was the powerful theme of Ada Geesey’s funeral service. Ada’s family and friends honored her in a service fit for a queen.

Both the Church of God and the Assemblies of God were present to honor Ada’s many years of pastoral ministry, church planting work, and life of mentoring. Ada’s service may be the only funeral in our history to have the entire Alaska District Council’s Presbytery in attendance.

Personally, I enjoyed knowing that Ada’s service was held in the church she planted, officiated by people she introduced to the Savior, and attended by many her life of ministry had blessed.

Hundreds of people rise to call Ada blessed.


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