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A Thankful Father of the Bride

Today, our nineteen year old daughter becomes the wife of her beloved.

Amidst a variety of paternal emotions, thanksgiving rises above all others.  Words seem too limiting to express the appreciation and joy I have for every second of these nearly twenty years.

She is God’s daughter placed in our care to love, nurture, disciple and prepare.  Perfect in every way, she is a source of immense thanksgiving to God.

Her faith, commitment to Christ and Godly righteousness are a glorious reflection of her mother.  The faith that “is also in her mother” multiplies the gratitude.  I am exponentially blessed by the integrity and character of her mother and herself.  My soul is full of appreciation for them both.

Being born the youngest in the family isn’t always an easy path.  Her respect and grace for her sister and both of her brothers is an inspiration and delight.  For her relationships with them, I am most grateful.

If Paula and I were to dream of a God made match for her, he would be the exact fulfillment of the dream; godly, peaceable, gentle, Christ-like, strong and courageous.  For him my soul rejoices in thanksgiving.


Danée Mikal Redfearn and Judah David Kesler, today is your day and I am THANKFUL!


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OUEDRAOGO, Serge and Miriam

Christian marriages are grounded in the foundation of honor.  Undergirding Serge and Miriam is a giant network of godly support and love.

We are commanded to “honor your father and mother” in Exodus 20:12.  Today, we honor:

  • Serge’s father, mother, and extended family. Thank you for raising a godly son.
  • Miriam’s father, mother, and extended family. Thank you for raising a Christian daughter.  Today, I present to you, Miriam, your father’s blessing.  Pastor Joany and I were in prayer seven years ago.  He abruptly stopped and said, “I noticed your milk containers have an expiration date.  I am going to expire.  Please be my older brother and take care of my family, especially my daughter.”  Less than three months later, your father was with the Lord.
  • All of the pastors and ministries who helped shape and form your character and love for God.
  • Your church families who influenced you for Christ.

This is the furthest I have ever traveled (round trip of 30,159 kilometers/18,744 miles) to celebrate a marriage.  The journey is a delight for many reasons, one of which is I believe God has given me a special verse for you and your marriage.

“But the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”  Daniel 11:32 b

There is so much for you to know as a newly married husband and wife.  You are learning so much in:

  • Your career fields of accounting and medicine
  • Your roles as a son and son in law and daughter and daughter in law

The verse I am proclaiming over you today encourages you, in the midst of all of life, to know your God.  Knowing God is of more importance than almost everything else combined.  With the Apostle Paul may you always proclaim, “That I may know Him.”

Life takes on the proper perspective when you know God.  Your joys and fears and laughter and tears are best understood when you know God.

When you know God you can then stand firm.

May your marriage be characterized by standing firm in the God you know.

Stand firm in:

  • The word of God and prayer
  • Body of Christ
  • Fruit of the Holy Spirit, “Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” Galatians 5:22
  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit, “Wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, tongues, and interpretation of tongues.”

From this position of knowing God and standing firm, God calls you to take action.

Your actions are to be energetic and grand because the God you know is BIG!  Knowing the BIG God is a call to big dreams, big plans, and a big life.

The cost of not taking action is more than we can imagine.

The experience of David and Goliath is phenomenal and amazing, yet with one small side note.

It should have been Saul and Goliath.  Goliath was Saul’s giant to defeat.  Saul, not knowing God, standing firm, nor taking action, lost out completely.

David conquered Saul’s giant.  Saul goes down in history negatively while Goliath is one of David’s formative victories.

Serge and Miriam, you will be known by the giants you conquer.  Without a doubt, there will be some very large giants on your journey, but you are well able to defeat the giants because you know your God, stand firm, and take action.

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Tim and Megan

The Rev. Guy Mofley officiated the wedding service for Tim and Megan.  It is always moving, for me, to observe a marriage led by the father of the bride.  Tim and Megan selected a candle light ambiance for their wedding which made for a unique experience for all in attendance.

Tim and Megan invited all of the wedding guests to a reception at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmusen Center.  A delicious meal was served, Shutter Booth Alaska provided excellent photo memories, and a most beautiful cake was enjoyed by all.

Thanks, Tim and Megan, for sharing your very special day with us.  You are loved.

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Ed and Lyuba Kommel

On a delightful fall day Ed and Lyuba exchanged marriage vows before a gathering of family and friends.  Both Lyuba and Ed looked stunning for their special day.  The double ring ceremony included traditional vows and contemporary comments.

Ed, congratulations, and Lyuba, best wishes for a bright, blessed, and bountiful marriage.  We love you!

The wedding begins.

The wedding begins.

The ring ceremony.

The ring ceremony.

A few of the family members

A few of the family members

My children's favorite is always the wedding cake.

My children's favorite is always the wedding cake.

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Bobbi Donadio and Ken Outten Wedding

Looks like the most exciting event in Anchorage Friday evening, February 26, will be the Bobbi and Ken wedding.  The rehearsal showed us all how beautiful the wedding will be.  The decorations are looking marvelous.

Come on over for the wedding tomorrow evening.

ken and bobbi

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Chris and Yasuko Blessing and Reception

Friday evening was a night of joyful celebration as family and friends of Chris and Yasuko joined together to celebrate their recent marriage vows.  Blessings were shared by many people, prayer was offered over Chris and Yasuko, and songs of praise were presented to the Lord.

Food from many nations were enjoyed as part of the international buffet eaten in their honor.  May God’s best rest upon Chris and Yasuko!  AMEN!


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Mike and Jolene’s Wedding and Reception

Jolene Berg and Mike Greenland exchanged wedding vows in a candle lit and double ring service.  Pastors Billy and Aubrey Welch served by officiating the service and JD Chambers, Rosemary Berg, and Linnea Wood provided wonderful music selections.






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Rahab and Dimitri Wedding

In a private wedding, Rahab and Dimitri exchanged marriage vows, pledges, and rings.  Dimitri is from Cameroon and Rahab is from Kenya and they were dressed in distinguished and elegant clothes from home.  Wow, they were looking good.

Next year, when they return home to Cameroon and Kenya, they will have a large public wedding and reception.  Wouldn’t that be a blast to attend?

Make sure you greet and bless them.




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Michael and Kim Renew their Wedding Vows

Gorgeous weather at McHugh Creek set the stage for a majestic marriage vow renewal ceremony. Michael and Kim allowed me the honor of officiating, as they renewed their commitment of love. A traditional ceremony was selected and was a perfect fit for such a grand occasion. Although it was windy, the day was a total success.



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Beautiful Bride

Rachel’s wedding photographer liked one of Rachel’s photographs so much that they placed it for all to see on the stairway wall at Border’s Books.

Congrats to Rachel.


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