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MCA Christmas Pastor Appreciation 2018

Sound a trumpet in Alaska!  It’s the MCA Christmas Pastor Appreciation Weekend!  Each year, as Chairman of the MCA Board of Directors, I am blessed to give honor to the MCA Alaska Pastoral Team.

Honoring our Pastors in Australia, Burkina Faso, and other undisclosed locations happens at another time and in other ways.  This weekend is for the Alaska team.

We love the people God has put together for the purposes of “Glorifying God and Growing People to Their Full Potential in Christ.”

These folks are all out, pedal to the metal disciples of Jesus and servants to everyone they meet.

Although they are not on the MCA Pastoral Team, we ALWAYS honor our Bishop and bride, Superintendent Roy William Welch and Dori Welch.  Best leaders on the planet today.  :0)

Huge shouts of love to this group of AMAZING prayer warriors, Bible teachers, soul winners, gifts of the Spirit ministers and all around servants before the Lord and His people.

In all of ten weekend services we are receiving a Christmas offering to be equally divided among these twenty-two team members.  A full-time member is blessed with a full share of the offering and a part-time member receives a half share.

(I couldn’t get WordPress Gallery to work, so what follows is a random spacing of the photos)

Daneé Redfearn Julie Martins Zyla and Alex Esteban Blaine and Robin Schmidt Heather and Marc Toro Kassy and Jonathan Redfearn Howard and Rezia Hansen Moe and Zelda Tali Becky Rose David and Deborah Wilson Edgardo Montano Doug and Celeste Leaf Zion Burgess Staci and Mike Borden Mary Ann Pruitt April Samber Maritza Ruiz Duron Mark and Val Burgess Tracy and Bryan Fick Drew and May Hansen Dori and Bill Welch Miriam Montano
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The Baby that Changed Everything

“Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not, as thou hast been, thou forever wilt be.” is a tremendous stanza from one of America’s most loved hymns.  The depth and breadth of Great is Thy Faithfulness is profound.

During this holiday season my thinking is deeply connected, however, to that part of God that changes.  The idea in Malachi 3:6, “I am the Lord.  I change not.” surely doesn’t mean that God never changes anything about himself.  It is easy for me to understand that God’s nature and character do not change.  He is, in that way, immutable.

Even without much thought, a beginning reader of the Bible can understand that the birth of Jesus changed everything.  God was pleased with law until the Baby was born and then He was pleased with grace.  He was pleased with the Former Covenant until Bethlehem’s Baby and now He is pleased with the New Covenant.

The notion of God changing totally interrupts some of my friends sense of well being.  Their theology requires a God for whom nothing is old and nothing is new.  For them God is always in the eternal now.  That’s cool, if you are God, but it isn’t too helpful to all of creation that has a past, present, and future.  Could you imagine going to God in prayer, “Lord, I am struggling with this need in my life to change.”  “Sorry dear child, I don’t know anything about change.  I am God.  I have never faced nor experienced change.  Maybe someone else can help you.”  NOT!

I find the changes that God makes very refreshing.

“Re” is a prefix, taken from Latin, that, in one of it’s uses, means again.  Much of God’s change action in our lives is linked to things He does again.  This is Good News!  God, who knows how to adapt and change, is involved and leading the change initiatives of our lives.  In my teaching series this month I have selected five changes available to you and me through the birth of this Baby who changes everything.






All five of these changes are in the foundation of life’s most significant change; that of being reborn.   Our MCA Church Christmas series will feature one of these “agains” each week.  hang out with us this Christmas and you just might discover that God is making you fresh again or that He is calibrating your life again or placing you in a marvelous family again.

Let’s celebrate the new work of God that commenced at the birth of The Baby.


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Christmas Day Service

One of the highlights of the year is the MCA Christmas Day service.  The music, message, and ministry is magnificent.  The overflow sized crowd helps make the celebration one of the most exciting.

Following the celebration you will have the option to have your photo taken in two very cool ways.  1.  ShutterboothAlaska will be in the house for your casual and fun photographs, and 2.  Blessings Photography will be providing a more formal setting for a family portrait.  Each of the photo options are free.

Everyone in attendance will receive a Christmas gift bag as our statement of appreciation to you and for our Lord, whose birth we celebrate.

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2010 Country Christmas

Maybe a better time has never been.  I was in total orbit during the Country Christmas concert on both Saturday and Sunday evening.  We had as much fun as one can have this side of heaven.

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Better than I imagined!

Wow, wow, wow!  Christmas Day worship was more fantastic than I had dreamed.  From the Christmas count down to the worship team of Zane, Jonathan, Conrad, Zach, Heidi, Kim, Fred, and Greg, everything was marvelous.  The Kids in Training team presented a human video with violin by Brigitta, keys by Teresa, and duet by Janelle and David.

Angie sang a medley of worship selections and carols.  Her ministry was heart warming and reminded us of God’s presence among His people.  Three of the Kress women played an inspirational rendition of the Nutcracker Ballet, which ended with a roar of approval.

The Saturday evening jazz band presented, by special request of Fay, the Christmas classic, “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

Pastor Fay’s talk centered our attention upon “Emmanuel.”   In brief, Fay’s message built hope in our hearts that is God with us who is at work in the thorns of our lives and building rare and valuable pearls.  In an act of tremendous generosity, the Niemann’s gave to everyone in the gathering, their own pearl.

The gathering ended with a extremely nice arrangement of “Angels we have heard on high” by the Greatest Hits band.

Special thanks to our Youth Director, Howard Hansen, and all of the MCA teenagers who prepared hundreds of gifts that everyone received on their way to the rest of their Christmas activities.






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‘Dem pplz knw hw 2 prty!

Dale and Deann coordinated a tremendous MCA Young Adult Christmas party.  Some of our college students are home from their schools and, with the study load off for a few days, were ready to celebrate.  The young adults who have jobs here or attended one of Alaska’s fine schools, were out in force too.

Connect with the MCA Young Adults each thursday evening.  We’ll be looking for you.






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Nicole and Larenzo Binns’ Son, Priest

Priest was born very prematurely.  He has been doing very well through a lengthy stay at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  Priest is a champion.  He is an overcomer.  He is more than a conqueror.  (Let’s hope he has better taste in NFL teams than his dad has :0)

Santa made a visit to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

resized Day with Santa at Phx Childrens Hospital

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Gina Surprises Everyone!

Gina, a Master’s Commission student in Indiana, returned home for Christmas.  It was a total surprise to virtually everyone.  Thanks, Gina.  Welcome Home.


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