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Yoga and Jelly Fish

From time to time I warn people of the dangers of yoga.  The HUGE resistance to these warnings surprises some, but I am convinced is part of the demonic spirit attached to the practice.

In 1978 I lived in Calcutta, India for three months. I had never seen, first hand, Hinduism, it’s practices, and the power of darkness it produces. Needless to say, I departed India with a commitment to give warning to all who might become interested and attracted to the world view.

Over the years I have, from time to time, pursued a deeper knowledge of hinduism and it’s yoga evangelistic arm, so that I can give warning for those whose knowledge of yoga is at a deeper level.

Pamela Frost presents an excellent primer and is well worth the time and thought necessary for entry level understanding.

One day, while swimming, playing, and floating in the ocean, I saw the most beautiful little jelly fish floating a few inches from me.  The darling little creature wasn’t more than six inches in diameter and the sunlight it refracted and reflected shone with many gorgeous hues.

Just then the lifeguards shouted over their beach tower mega phones, “Everyone out of the water, dangerous and life threatening box jellyfish have been spotted.”

Sitting on the beach a couple of seconds later, I thought, “That cute little creature is a killer.”

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Straighten up – Look up!


I just have a feeling in my gut.

Can’t really say that I am a scholar on the last days, end times, prophecy, Revelation, or eschatological events.

However, I am the world’s leading expert on that sense I sometimes get in the pit of my stomach.  Since much of creation is circular, East and West must meet somewhere.  What may be viewed as opposites can actually be in perfect agreement.  This is the reality rolling around in my soul.

Malachi said that a very strange “day” would come upon the earth and all living people.  This “day,” is unlike any other because it is best identified by opposites.  It is the “Great day of the Lord” and at the same time it is the “Dreadful day of the Lord.”

At the core of my being I am aware that a very dreadful “day” has come. Although I want to say that the worst is behind us, I know it isn’t.  Darkness will increase. Death will increase.  It will look like all is lost.

Surely, the Christians in the Middle East can shout “This is a dreadful day!”

With the past, present and future moving into the consummation of God’s revelation, today must also be identified as a great day.

One would think that the more “dreadful” increases the less “great” there can be. Sort of like the more rocks there are in the glass, the less water the glass can hold. This is not an accurate take on the great and dreadful day of the Lord.  In fact, the more “dreadful” increases, the more “great” increases too.  Both are growing at an exponential rate.

Is it going to get more dreadful or great?  YES.  Both will increase with mind-boggling speed.

Reading the news reconfirms this feeling in my soul.  On every hand there are extremely dreadful things happening virtually every day.  It is wise to feel the dread.

Yet everywhere I look I see the great hand of God at work in ways that inspire awe. Today is truly, in every way, the great day of the Lord.  It is wise to feel the greatness.

Jesus said, “Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

Our response on this great and dreadful day of the Lord is to straighten up and raise our heads because God’s redemption for us is drawing very near.

I have this feeling in my gut that our redemption is nearer now than it has ever been.

(Graphic from www.jewelsofjudaism.com)


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My High Tech Plan

Today, September 15, 2013, I launch 90 Days of Nutrition and Fitness. That’s right. No fair tempting me with late night pizza treks, Weez’s fudge on the Guest Services buffet line, Vanda’s huge bowl of M&M’s by my office door, or (sob) chocolate chip cookie dough! 90 day

I am a new nutrition and fitness man. Why? You may ask. It is a long hidden, ancient secret that I have finally decoded….It is hard to be effective for Jesus if you are dead, sick, or energy-less. Currently, best I can tell, I am not dead, sick, or energy-less, but why even get close?

To be who God calls me to be and to do what God calls me to do, I want to be as healthy as possible.

Please, no personal rebukes. Yes, I know the ingredients in Diet Coke and that there is chlorine in tap water and that alkaline balanced water is available. I don’t plan to buy any expensive (or cheap) nutritional products, take any supplements, or eat like a cow. In fact, in the Bible one guy (Nebuchadnezer) ate like a cow because it was PUNISHMENT from God.

I have never been to nutrition college nor studied in the great halls of science, so my plan is probably not all that great, but I will try it anyhow. I plan to eat as much food as I can endure just the way God created it. Let’s call it the GLAD plan (God Led American Diet, thanks Lenny) This is very easy for fruit and vegetables but a bit more difficult with beef. Raw meat and I don’t get along very well, so I will have to resort to medium well. Hopefully, if my plan doesn’t work and I end up in heaven a bit early, I can get it “Well Done…”cow

My fitness plan is equally sophisticated and very hard to follow so I may write a book on the subject. My plan is a very complicated two words. “Move more.” I can see it as a best seller already.

I think I will throw in some training that I have been learning from my children for the past 19.5 years. Mom says, “Please clean your room, take out the trash, and empty the dishwasher.” I think our kids may be geniuses. They have a HUGE vocabulary with every reason in the world why they shouldn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t do the stated assignments. Yes, this has prepared me for the second part of my Move More training regiment. To Move More, I am adding resistance training. If my kids can resist chores for 19.5 years, I can surely resist a few heavy metal plates for 90 days.

How will I move more? Insanity!
How will I keep track of my GLAD nutrition? My Fitness Pal
How will I record my digression (or the small chance of progress)? Fitness Builder
How will I know, should I actually take a walk, how far and fast I have traveled? Walkmeter

What is my deep and abiding motivation for such drastic action? High cholesterol? No. Bad heart? No. Sickness and disease? No. Someday when people look into my casket I hope they say, “Look how healthy and fit he looks.”

I only have 2,160 hours or 129,600 minutes or 7,776,000 seconds until I can bite into a nice spoon of chocolate chip cookie dough……unless someone can show me a recent discovery of a God created chocolate chip cookie dough plant.

PS: IF you know Evangelist Guy….I promise not to post any shirtless photos of myself. guy

The 90 Day Action Plan graphic is from this web site.
The lovely cow photo is from this site.

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My Personal Retreat With The Lord

The upside of not feeling well is the opportunity to study the Bible, worship, and pray.  In some ways, my body simply began to tell me, “If you keep pushing this hard, I will start shutting down on you.”  Since I need my body to cooperate for the fulfillment of my destiny, I requested a leave of absence.  Graciously, our Board of Directors approved.

mixed-fruit-smoothies-37907-ssI have pledged to make my leave of absence a personal retreat with the Lord.  When I awaken, I drink a healthy fruit smoothie created by Paula or Queilla, and then I settle into my “prayer chair” for a lengthy time of scripture meditation, prayer, worship, study, and listening to sermons.

In the Bible I am reading and meditating upon the Psalms one sentence at a time.  The depth, breadth, and height of God’s word is profound.  In studying, I am reading R.T. Kendall’s “The Sermon on the Mount:  A verse by-verse look at the greatest teachings of Jesus.”  This 414 page treatise (in the smallest font I have read in years) is exceedingly rich.

My worship time is a mixture of both old and new.  I am finding Christy Nockels fresh take on classic Christian themes to be invigorating and inspirational.  I also am re-visiting some of the songs that were foundational to my Christian formation.  Songs run deep in my soul.

I have viewed and worshiped with this song often during my prayer times.  To quote our much loved, Dr. Linfield Crowder, each time “I had a spell.”  It is true, “Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place.”

Every downside has a bigger and more glorious upside.

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Feel like shouting?

Just in from Jael Cox……………

“The surgeon called today–a team of pathologists revisited my lung pathology–guess who’s on the throne?? GOD! Unanimous agreement – not cancer, surgery cancelled! Yea! We’ll be celebrating Tabitha’s birthday on March 4th instead of hanging out in the hospital. Whoo hoooooooooooo!!!!!”


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State Champion 200 Free Relay

MCA’s much loved Christine Kirk swam the second leg of the State championship 200 free. In an exciting race, Christine’s Service High School team won first place. Yes, the are Alaska State Champions! A few races later, Christine took 4th place in the 100m breaststroke.

MCA teens are clearly champions!IMG_0085


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Physically Fit

MCA, don’t forget the importance of caring for your body.  We give our body the best care we can and trust the Lord with the rest.  Eat right.  Sleep properly.  Get plenty of fluids.  Get your heart rate in your target zone.  Become flexible.  Add strength.

Then to that add the spiritual components of a powerful person of faith.

To this add mental health.

This is a winning combination.

Below is exhibit A.  The one and only Mighty Matt.


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Weekend Worship in Homer, Alaska

Greg and Karen are two talented local church leaders.  Together, with their two sons (Jonathan and Levi), they are pastors of the Homer Assembly of God congregation.  Homer AoG is a delightful collection of radically committed followers of jesus.

I had opportunity to worship at the Homer AoG yesterday and had a joyful time.  The band was excellent and youthful (it was fun to see such a young band with a middle aged drummer).  The songs were current.  Preaching?  Wow.  Pastor Greg hit a grand slam sermon in his “Freedom Sermon 2.”




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One Month to Live Challenge: Day Five

You and your one and only life matter….and we give extra consideration and care to things that really count.  You don’t leave your diamond ring, bank account information, or online passwords just laying around.  Valuables receive much care.

Your body and emotions deserve the highest level of consideration.  If you lose your physical and emotional health, you have lost things of greater value than much fine gold.  So, we give ourselves fully to the work of body and emotion health.

Physical and emotional health play a significant part in the quality of your life.  Whether you have 30 days to live or 30 years, you want them to be high quality days.

What physical challenge should you tackle today?

What emotional issue deserves your best attention?

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Sun. Blue sky. Warmth. Fresh air.

Let’s all get off of the couch, out of the house, up on our feet, and fill our days with energetic activity.

Check with your medical professional and then hit the trails biking, walking, running, or get out on the water with kayaking, canoing, and swimming. Maybe you could lace up the shoes and pretend you are in the NBA playoffs. Or, you could actually use that health club membership you have been paying for all winter :0)

See you out in the active world.




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