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Leave it at the cross!

For some time now we have been concluding our weekend gatherings with an extended season of worship, going to the cross, receiving Holy Communion, and leaving our prayer needs, in written form, on the cross.

Our staff is honored to receive every prayer written there and to pray for each one.  We are more than humbled to read, each week, all that God is doing in and through the weekend gatherings.

This weekend we received ten pages, typed in twelve font, of deeply moving prayer needs.

Thank you for entrusting us with your God directed requests.

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MCA’s 2011-2016 Ministry and Business Plan

Our 2011-2016 MCA Ministry and Business Plan is on the docket for preparation and finalization.  Prior to our final preparation of this strategic, dynamic, and life-giving conceptualization, I wanted to accomplish several things:

1.  Before we can give strategic and life-giving direction, we must be assured that our best people are in the place of their best influence.  One author suggests that the right people should be on the right bus and in the right seat on that bus.  (Collins)

2.  Before we can give strategic and life-giving direction, the right people, in the right seat, on the right bus, must have the right information.

Getting the right information is more challenging than it first appears, yet we believe the Holy Spirit has been leading us into the ‘truths’ we need for the strategic planning that is ahead.  Part of gaining the right information is the teaching of Billy Hornsby. Your MCA ministry team will be digesting, for many months, Billy Hornsby’s teaching.  Immediately we plan to put into action several of the components of Life-giving churches, as taught by Billy.

Additionally, we are applying the timely message of “How the Mighty Fall: and why some companies never give in (Collins),” to the strategizing, dreaming, planning, and implementation phases of our ministry.

Dale Fick, MCA Chief Operations Officer, is gathering the best ideas, from the best thinkers and practitioners, and preparing this living, breathing, and growing statement.

To listen to the four training sessions presented by Billy Hornsby, please direct your browser here.

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Magnificent Matinee’

The MCA Matinee worship gathering is absolutely wonderful.  The friendship, community, ministry, and worship is delightful.  Dale Baker has this service fine tuned and excelling.

Alan Ross ministered to the Lord and to the people of the Matinee through prayer and the Word.




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