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Awaken the Wonder: Worship

Worship is giving a type of honor and respect reserved only for God.

“But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. 24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:23, 24

Let’s consider a homespun opposite.

“false worshipers worship forms and formalities in externals and denials, for the Father avoids such people claiming to worship him.”

True worship is always about Father God.

  • Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection provide to me the opportunity of adoption into God’s family. John 1:12
  • The Holy Spirit’s ministry of adoption makes me a child of God and brother of Jesus. Romans 8:15

True worship is always spirit to Spirit.

True worship is always about what is true of the Father and what is true of me.

What is true of Father God? In part, He is much more interested in:

  • the heart than the habit
  • the motives more than the manifestations
  • purity more than the place and the performance
  • the relationship more than the ritual

What is true of me?  Psalm 51:6

  • I want my kingdom and rule more than His kingdom and rule
  • My will more than His will
  • Self-sufficiency more than total dependence upon God
  • The activity of the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life reveal my belief that God is inadequate, and I must provide for myself.

Worship is the truthful response of the person poor in spirit to the Almighty God.

The Truth about God                                                  The Truth about Me

Creator Created
Self-Existent I exist only as sustained by God
Humble Proud
Aligns with His glory Fall short of His glory
Completely moral Total depravity
Full of grace, mercy, slow to anger I need grace and mercy and I anger quickly
He is love I struggle to love

I stand on holy ground when what is true about me intersects what is true about God.

  1. God draws near when I truthfully move toward Him. James 4:8, Psalm 65:4
  2. Truthful worship experiences the presence of God. Psalm 63:1-4
  3. The truthful worshiper experiences the interventions of God in the challenges of life. Acts 16:25, 26


Listen – My Story

  • What do you feel when someone approaches you without truthfulness?
  • Do you ever approach yourself without truthfulness (lie to yourself)?

Learn – Digging Deeper

  1. Read Isaiah 58:1-12
    1. Do you see a parallel between Jesus teaching true worship in John 4 and fasting in this passage?
    2. What verses stand out to you regarding “heart more than habit?”
  1. Why is it SUPER difficult for people to approach God honestly?
    1. Proverbs 16:18
    2. n what ways do you think the Psalmist “gazed upon the beauty of the Lord?”
    3. Do
  1. Read Genesis 3:8, 9.
    1. Are people still doing this today?
    2. Is God still asking this today?

Life – Taking it Home

  1. What is the Holy Spirit saying to you through this lesson?
  2. Can you name a particular area of your life in which God is urging you to be truthful?
  3. How can your Life Group help you apply this weeks’ teaching?

Lift – Prayer

  • Pray for God’s grace to approach Him with truthfulness
  • Pray for the continued discipleship of those who have recently trusted in Christ for salvation.
  • Pray for grace to invite your friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors to Mother’s Day services.
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MCA Ministry Team Blogs

Several of our MCA team members are energetic participants in the blogosphere. In hope of pressuring them to keep their blogs current, I will list their URL’s here :0)

1. Pastor Blaine Schmidt writes an encouraging and very pastoral blog. Check it out here.
2. Pastor Pam Hodges keeps you informed of the MCA Children’s Ministry here.
3. MCA Youth Director, Howard Hansen, keeps you up to speed on MCA Youth Ministries here.
4. MCA Worship Pastor, Michael Roux, dials you in on the MCA Worship and Arts ministry here.
5. Dale Baker, MCA Young Adult Ministry Director spreads the Young Adult Ministry news here.

If, perchance, these blogs are a bit outdated, please lovingly pressure your dear friends to keep you informed in a timely manner. :0)

I am glad our team is venturing out into the blog world and learning the skill necessary to keep the world posted. Our team has been given the assignment of dedicating one hour of each work day to their online presence and ministry. Will you help me keep them motivated, fired up, and online? Thanks.

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An MCA Worship Covenant

We, the worshippers of Muldoon Community Assembly, make the following commitment to the worship leaders and to Almighty God:

• We commit to true worship in Spirit and in Truth. We repent of seeing worship as entertainment.
• We recognize and respect the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon you and your ministry.
• Do not design your worship ministry around our desires! Lead us to worship as God desires.
• We have heard the voice of the Lord and bless you as God’s appointed worship leaders for this ministry.
• We commit to singing when you sing, shouting when you shout, clapping when you clap, smiling when you smile, for to do otherwise may be rebellion, not to you, but to God who appointed you.

Our worship leaders are like Samuel (1 Samuel 15:1) whom God anointed.

We will joyfully follow your lead and participate wholeheartedly. We will be prompt, participatory, and full of praise of our God.

We will not be like Saul, who presumed to be the leader when, in fact, he was not.

We will not grieve God’s heart (1 Samuel 15:11) by thinking we have the anointing that God has placed upon the worship leads.

We will obey. For “to obey is better than sacrifice.”

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A Gentle Correction for our Worship Community

When I walked into our Central Campus this morning, I felt as if God began to speak to me. I was thinking about the talk I was about to present. Full of joy for the day services and looking forward to a great day. Without doubt, we enjoyed a marvelous day with the Lord and church family.

As I entered my study, I decided to write down what I sensed the Lord speaking to me. He commended us and gave a word of correction.

It is as if He said, “There is much I like about MCA, but I don’t like the tendency of some to worship half-heartedly.”

I won’t list, here, the signs of half-hearted worship that I sensed he pointed out, but I decided to respond immediately with a call to our congregation to worship with integrated wholeness and with whole-heartedness.

The response by our congregation was tremendous. We whole-heartedly repented, prayed, and worshipped.

I wrote a Worship Covenant between our congregants and MCA worship leaders. We committed to the Worship Covenant and then anointed all of the worship leaders in attendance (about 15 band leaders were there). Then the worship leaders began to anoint us for greater worship participation. It was glorious!

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Country Gospel Music: Dennis and Pete

My good friend, Dennis Agajanian was named, for the seventh time, Country Gospel Musician of the Year in a Nashville ceremony and celebration tonight.

Pete Bebbington’s music also lifts the soul, strengthens faith, and motivates to righteousness. Pete’s songs and style have a gentle Australian feel, setting him apart from the crowd.

Both Dennis and Pete are not interested in celebrity status, but in ministering to everyone, especially those in need of the Savior. It was delightful to minister with Pete in a remote community in the Cape York area of North Queensland. He couldn’t bring his band, or even other musicians, but that didn’t stop him from singing and playing powerfully.

I enjoyed “Jesus Makes Me Fly” so much that I captured it on my iphone video. Iphone video isn’t the greatest, but, you can get a sense of Pete’s giftings.

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Introducing Pete Bebbington

We flew from Anchorage to Seattle to LA to Sydney to Cairns, then drove two hours to Cardwell, and then drove 14 hours to Coen, North Queensland.  What did we find here in Coen?  Some of God’s great co-laborers.

In this blog post, I want to introduce you to Pete Bebbington.  Pete is a fully devoted follower of Jesus who now uses his country Gospel gifting for evangelism and worship.  Not always a follower of our Lord, Pete played around Australia in bars, concerts, and venues of many kinds.  Born again now, Pete plays for the cause of Christ.

Pete is a member of Cowboys For Christ based in Gatton, Queensland, Australia.

Pete has been a boost to my spirit, an inspiration to my soul, and a co-laborer in leading several people to Christ during the Effective Aboriginal Outreach Convention.

Direct your web browser here to view Pete’s blog.

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Michael Roux and MCA Worship and the Arts Ministry

It is a joy to have Michael Roux on the MCA ministry crew.  Ok.  Roux and crew rhyme…….

Michael is our Director of Worship and the Arts.  Already, Michael is making additions to the MCA weekend presentations.  Bryan Fick, Fred Downs, David March, and Michael have been busy installing the Aviom, in ear monitor system for MCA’s LIVE venue.  You should notice a significant difference in the amount of sound in LIVE and in the quality of the sound.

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MCA Worship Team Participation

We have, in total commitment to being an Ephesians 4 equipping congregation, opened our worship teams to you.  Each weekend we release 8 different worship teams in ministry in the venue ministry alone.  Additional worship teams are released in prison services, rest home services, and other off site ministries.

This weekend Mikal James participated, for the first time, in facilitating worship at Traditions.  Thanks, Mikal!

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