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My Part of the Fight

IsisSometimes I wonder, “What would I have done if I were serving a local church as a pastor during the time of the holocaust?”  

ISIS has created a new holocaust.  It is my turn to pastor in the midst of extreme wickedness.  No longer is it “What would I have done, but what am I doing?”

First, I am confronting my sense of helplessness.  “This isn’t a problem I can solve.  It is for others to deal with.”

Second, I am challenging my wishful thinking.  “Surely, ISIS will stop the absurd attraction to horrific violence.”

Third, I am resisting a tendency to profile.  “He looks like he could be a Muslim extremist.”

Fourth, I am seeking to trust God at a deeper level.  “God, you and your world don’t make sense to me right now.”

Fifth, I refuse to be paralyzed by what I can’t do, so I am doing what I can do.

I am the furthest thing from an End Times, Last Days, or eschatological scholar.  I never can figure out what the imagery really means.  Making things worse, I am never sure the scholars have it right because they never seem to agree with each other.  This leaves me with the personal responsibility to do what I can.

I can look to the Bible for time tested and Holy Spirit inspired insight.

I can seek God’s intervention through prayer.

I can lift up my voice against the great darkness and proclaim the Light.

I can become informed.

I can grow in love.

Maybe you noticed in this blog post the large number of times I have used the personal pronoun, I.  This is intentional.  From my perspective, God will hold me accountable not for what nations could do but for what I can do.  I have personal responsibility to fight my part of the fight.



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Leave it at the cross!

For some time now we have been concluding our weekend gatherings with an extended season of worship, going to the cross, receiving Holy Communion, and leaving our prayer needs, in written form, on the cross.

Our staff is honored to receive every prayer written there and to pray for each one.  We are more than humbled to read, each week, all that God is doing in and through the weekend gatherings.

This weekend we received ten pages, typed in twelve font, of deeply moving prayer needs.

Thank you for entrusting us with your God directed requests.

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Light Has Come

We are asking everyone to invite three people to participate in our newest series, “Light Has Come.”

We are expecting a delightful and insightful experience for everyone in attendance.  You will hear great music, a helpful talk from the Bible, and be given the opportunity to have a “God moment.”  From our perspective, a God moment is a special time in a weekend gathering where you have the strong awareness that you are meeting with God.

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