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MCA Christmas Pastor Appreciation 2018

Sound a trumpet in Alaska!  It’s the MCA Christmas Pastor Appreciation Weekend!  Each year, as Chairman of the MCA Board of Directors, I am blessed to give honor to the MCA Alaska Pastoral Team.

Honoring our Pastors in Australia, Burkina Faso, and other undisclosed locations happens at another time and in other ways.  This weekend is for the Alaska team.

We love the people God has put together for the purposes of “Glorifying God and Growing People to Their Full Potential in Christ.”

These folks are all out, pedal to the metal disciples of Jesus and servants to everyone they meet.

Although they are not on the MCA Pastoral Team, we ALWAYS honor our Bishop and bride, Superintendent Roy William Welch and Dori Welch.  Best leaders on the planet today.  :0)

Huge shouts of love to this group of AMAZING prayer warriors, Bible teachers, soul winners, gifts of the Spirit ministers and all around servants before the Lord and His people.

In all of ten weekend services we are receiving a Christmas offering to be equally divided among these twenty-two team members.  A full-time member is blessed with a full share of the offering and a part-time member receives a half share.

(I couldn’t get WordPress Gallery to work, so what follows is a random spacing of the photos)

Daneé Redfearn Julie Martins Zyla and Alex Esteban Blaine and Robin Schmidt Heather and Marc Toro Kassy and Jonathan Redfearn Howard and Rezia Hansen Moe and Zelda Tali Becky Rose David and Deborah Wilson Edgardo Montano Doug and Celeste Leaf Zion Burgess Staci and Mike Borden Mary Ann Pruitt April Samber Maritza Ruiz Duron Mark and Val Burgess Tracy and Bryan Fick Drew and May Hansen Dori and Bill Welch Miriam Montano
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