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The Robb Report


My son loves to read the Robb report (www.robbreport.com). The Robb report is considered the luxury portal. It features exceptionally luxurious items. One of my friends was flying overseas in a private jet, and my son was privileged to get to tour the jet. I said, “Son, this is probably the closest we’ll ever come to one of these birds.” “Dad,” he said, “I am going to own one of these some day.” Why do I talk so small?

Jonathan and Dennis

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Mrs. Sheneman says thanks


Ida Sheneman asked me to thank all of you who are praying for her. I was privileged to visit with her in Bellingham on Tuesday and Wednesday. Gary and Jael dropped into Ida’s home and we sang hymns and rejoiced in God’s great goodness. She is very much wanting to be free from the pain and be present with the Lord.

Interestingly, Ida said, “I’ll be with the Lord soon. Is there any message you want me to give to Neale or the others already in heaven?” Wow! That is far better than FedEx or UPS.

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Please pray for Mrs. Sheneman

Our founding Pastor’s wife, Sister Ida Sheneman, is living in much pain and is asking God for pain relief. Ida is very much a hero in our congregation and is loved by everyone.

God is well able!

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Church, baseball, and apple pie?

Since we are drilling down into what it means to be a local congregation, shouldn’t we know the sports preferences of our membership :0)

Rockies or Red Sox?

I vote Rockies.

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Value Added?

So what did you think of the Global Outreach week? 1. What did we do well? 2. What could/should we do better? 3. How many services did you attend?

It is clear to me that the prayer that united all of the speakers into one extended and powerful voice was well done. I often feel that we could do better on presenting the heart of the need. I attended all of the services.


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What does blog stand for?

Someone suggested that BLOG could stand for Bright Light of Glory or Blessing Lives Operating Globally or Brave Like our God.

Any suggestions?

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Great message Ted!

Ted asked us to consider what marks we are carrying for the cause of Christ. Where is the scar and how did you get it?

Who is your favorite “marked for Christ” story and how did they get the scar?

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Our Global Outreach theme, EVERYWHERE, reminds me of the attributes of God. Interestingly, omnipresence may be reserved for God alone. We don’t know if atoms are everywhere or if hydrogen and oxygen are everywhere, but we do know that God is everywhere. It is humorous to me that one must be omnipresent in order to prove omnipresence. I would have to be everywhere in order to prove that something is everywhere.

God lets us know that He is everywhere. God is the ultimate definition of glocal. No one and no thing is more global than God and no One and no thing is more local than God.

Our everywhere is anchored in both the universality of God’s presence and His local-ness. Spiritual things are the most likely to be glocal. For example, when I pray for Burkina Faso I am in my prayer chair, standing before God, and of sorts, in Burkina Faso. I am in three places at the same time. Intercession is glocal.

Giving is glocal. When I give I am both here and there. I am in Anchorage, Alaska and in the gift, because where my treasure is, there is my heart also.

Let’s keep drilling down into the revelation of what it means to be a global and local congregation.

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Glocal: Being local in many places at the same time.

Because the distances between people is shrinking we have the opportunity of being local in multiple places all at the same time. Even though Jesus was fully God and man, He is our model of living glocally. Jesus is local everywhere, all the time. Jesus zooms into the specifics of my life because He has zoomed, as Lord, into all of me. In fact, in me He is more local than I am.

The Leader of our Journey commanded us to glocal living when He said, “Go…teach….baptize…every nation.” Is this global or local? Is the command at home or foreign? Both!

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