"Let us reason together…" Isaiah 1:18


Meeting of the Venue Leads

Our venue ministry is going strong with Dale’s leadership. Dale was recently handed the lead by Mark and the ministry continues! Recently our venue leads met for strategy, development, just good old fun.

Thanks to Jennifer, Kelly, Mark, Dick, Billy, Blaine, and Dale for allowing Jonathan Gainsbrugh and me to participate in the conversation.

The Venue Leads are our Relationship Specialists. You matter to us, to God, and to your Venue Lead.venueleadmeeting2.jpgvenueleadmeeting1.jpg

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This Week’s Pastor Kent FAQ

“Hey, Pastor, what is the response you are getting from your weekend message? ” Well, I am glad you asked. I touched on subjects that are deeply held in the core value system of the Christian and made effort to apply Jesus’ Beatitudes. My previous two blogs explain my stance on the use of non-violence in experiences of religious persecution.

Almost all of the responses have been very favorable, two have sought further information on my statements and one response was unfavorable. I will quote four responses for your interest.

Pastor Kent, “That was the best message I have ever heard.”

Pastor Kent, “It was not practical and it was most definitely “nanny state”, “liberalism.”… However, to subject your people to this pure and utter non-sense is inexcusable…. This is really a very serious matter and most discouraging, however in some levity I will say, I have too much respect for the hymnal to have chanced damaging it!!!!!”

Pastor Kent, “I agree with you………….I think.”

Pastor Kent, “I have often wondered of the dilemma between “thou shalt not kill” and “Kill em for the Lord.” I thought you did a particularly good job of dancing a tricky step. It was very easy to understand the contrast of when to fight and when not to.”

Practicing non-violence in the face of religious persecution is my understanding of the teaching and life style of our Lord. The Assemblies of God position paper on Civil Disobedience http://ag.org/top/Beliefs/contempissues_12_civil_disobedien.cfm reads as follows: “…to which they may participate in nonviolent and peaceful acts of intervention.” Our civil disobedience and our response to persecution are to be nonviolent and peaceful acts of intervention.

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A Common Enemy of Warriors and the Persecuted Christian

Warriors and the persecuted, at first glance, appear to be very different from each other. However, there are some commonalities. For example, it seems to me that warriors and the persecuted share a common enemy. This enemy reduces the warrior and diminishes the persecuted. That enemy is……………COWARDICE.

Lack of courage and resolution is the essence of cowardice. Warriors who are cowardly in the face of battle and Christians who waffle in life are beset with the affliction of cowardice.

There is a strange movement which is reversing definitions in our culture. We live in a season where people desiring to live in righteousness are named as the enemy and the enemy is understood as friendly and correct. For example, in our life time we have seen the cowardly mock the valiant and the brave.

The bravery of our persecuted sisters and brothers is nothing short being supernaturally heroic.

Help me, God.

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Should Christians Persecute Their Persecutors?

idop_logo.jpgThe response to my International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church and Veterans Day Weekend message is serving to further the conversation regarding the plight of two categories of very, very important people: Veterans of Foreign War and Persecuted Christians.

The Bible is clear…there is a time for war. God has entrusted the governing function of His world to national governments. Each national government is assigned, by God, the responsibility of keeping every one of their citizens safe and secure. At times, God expects governments to lead their people to victory in war. We have many Bible war heroes. Moses, Joshua, and King David come to mind.

The Bible is also clear….religious persecution is a time to turn the other cheek, love your enemies, and pray for those who spitefully use you. For whatever reasons, some presumed that this understanding is the same for crime. In my understanding, the Bible presents being a victim of crime very differently from experiencing religious persecution. Protecting one’s family from crime is, in Scripture, unique from dealing with persecution “for my name’s sake.” To my knowledge, the Bible no where says, “Blessed are you when people commit crimes against you.” However, our Scriptures do say, “Blessed are you when people persecute you for my name’s sake.” Just as we have Biblical war heroes, we have Biblical heroes who endured great persecution: Peter, James, and Paul come to mind.

The Veteran should hold her or his head high in being a faithful warrior, while the persecuted Christian holds their head equally high for turning the other cheek even at the cost of their lives. Both the Veteran and the Persecuted Christian “did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death (Revelation 12:11). The warrior killed for the cause. The persecuted Christian was killed for the cause. Both are heroic.

Thank you for continuing the conversation. Our Veterans and Persecuted sisters and brothers deserve the conversation to continue.

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Shout it out!

mediashout2.jpgDo you remember the old soap commercial? Shout. “Shout it out.” Well, we don’t do laundry here, but we do have the opportunity for a very bright and clear media presentation. Media Shout is the program we use to put images on the screens throughout the MCA venues. Images are of great importance to public presentations in our visually driven world. It may be true….a picture may paint 1,000 words!

Bryan is our Media Shout lead. Today, in the Video Cafe’ a group of “Shout it out” MCA-ers met for advanced training in using the Media Shout program.

Why not join the Shout it out team?


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Tis’ the Season

Our wonderful MCA women’s ministry, with the guidance of Bev (deaconess) and Kim (Women’s Ministry Director), have prepared wonderful Christmas boxes for twenty-five missionary and village pastor’s families. I am delighted to see this meaningful Christmas ministry tradition continue with energy and joy.

As a missionary child, we almost totally depended upon churches and their Christmas gift boxes for our Christmas gifts. The spirit of Christmas was always strong in the air the day we received a church gift box in the mail. Talk about feeling loved, remembered, and valued!

It is the season to give in honor of the birth of Jesus.missionsboxes.jpg

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Eight is enough :0)

Andy and Stephanie Otto welcomed their eighth child into the world today! Abigail was born near 2 AM at the Providence Alaska Hospital. Baby, mom, dad, and family are all doing very well!ottobaby8.jpg

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How many more do you have in you?

The aged church planter, approaching eternity with each breath, tried to climb out of his hospital bed, even though he was well wired and tubed. “Dad, what are you doing. Get back in bed.” “Son,” he replied, “I think I can plant one more church before I die.”

One more! How many more miracles with God are left in your ministry?

Tom, who has just taken his third retirement, stopped by the office today. “After hearing about that church planter, I am reminded that I have more ministry left in me. I came by to see what I can do for the Kingdom.”

Tom and his father and mother planted eight churches. The one with which I am familiar is the First Assembly of God in West Monroe, Louisiana (www.firstassemblywm.org). Tom’s mom received her minister credential renewal the day after she died…..at 98 years old!

YES! Taking another mountain for God while approaching 100 years of age.


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Bull’s Eye!

MCA is blessed (and has been for many years) with a phenomenal group of servants willing and able to lead our organization as the MCA Board of Directors. The largest part of the MCA B.O.D.’s responsibility is setting clear and powerful direction into a very bright, God inspired, people motivating future. As a Board of Directors we determine the bull’s eye to which we throw the darts of our lives, the catcher’s mitt to which we throw the baseball of our ministry, and the hoop to which we shoot the basketball of our energy.

The $100,000,000 question is, “How clear is the bull’s eye, catcher’s mitt, and hoop of the MCA ministry?”

Our B.O.D. is coming into a more clear revelation of our particular calling in ministry.

“As a result of the ministries of MCA, God is glorified and people are transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, through a teaching and equipping ministry, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.”

From your personal experience, how clear is this organizational end to you?

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