"Let us reason together…" Isaiah 1:18


Look who is home for Christmas :0)

Our MCA College students are making their way home for Christmas.  They are fantastic friends whom we dearly miss while they are away pursuing God’s best for their lives.  We love our students dearly.

When I asked Brenda, “What did you learn at Evangel University?”  She replied, “I learned not to wait until the night before a fifteen page paper is due to begin writing the paper.”  Sounds like a great lesson.  Not sure that it is worth the tuition, but great learning none-the-less.


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Bill and Heather welcome Angelica Joy


Angelica Joy was born at 9:39 PM on December 21 in the Matsu Regional Hospital in Wasilla, Alaska. She is 20 1/4 inches and weighs in at 8 pounds.

She plans to have her parents with her in one of the services tomorrow.

God is good!

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I Need Your Christmas Photo

I am collecting, from near and far, the photo that you sent out for Christmas.  If you will email the photo to Kentredfearn@pastorkent.me I will upload to a Christmas photo part of my blog.

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Blog Traffic for December

I am new to the blog universe, but folks tell me that our blog is doing extremely well.  Without much to measure against I must trust those in the know about blog traffic.

So far in December this blog has 19,287 hits.  With twelve days left in the month, I think we can boost the blog traffic to 25,000 hits this month.

My strategy for blog traffic growth is to ask you to have your third cousin’s husband’s former football coach’s grandpa to give us look.

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Pastor’s Soup and Salad Lunch Update

Just enjoyed lunch with 55 of our favorite lunch buddies. Tonight we plan to serve another 250 wonderful folks. Plan to arrive hungry and leave filled.



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Speaking of Life Time Friends

God has blessed me with many world class (should I say Heaven class) friends. Some friends stick with you through thick or thin, rain or shine, up or down, riches or poverty, health or disease, and even P.C or Mac.

Guy and Rochelle are these types of friends to Paula and me. Last night the door bell rang………and look who walked in.


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MCA: A Place of Life Time Friends

Our church family understands, to some degree, the vital role of living, thriving, growing, and fulfilling relationships with both God and people. We get a relational component into just about everything we do.

The Pastor’s Christmas Soup and Salad gathering is today’s big relationship turbo charger. I’ll keep you updated with some photos as the day progresses. Below are a couple of photos of the team preparing for the lunch seating.

Come on down and expand your life time friend quotient.




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Pastor Fay’s Christmas Message

When it comes to preaching, we are a spoiled crew. WOW! Pastor Welch, Pastor Carlson, and Pastor Niemann are amazing communicators of the Good News of Jesus. This evening, Pastor Fay invited us into three glorious Christmas gifts from our Lord; the gift of pregnancy (both physical and spiritual), the gift of God’s timing, and the gift of reflecting God’s character in our own lives.

Fay’s presentation included aspects for those who learn with their hands, their eyes, and their ears. Without a doubt this was the best sermon we have ever heard that featured pipe cleaners (sorry Guy Mofley, we have a new illustrated message preacher). Feel free to listen to the message online.

Denise Hardy was selected to receive one of the gifts Pastor Fay gave (Jim and Denise are featured below). The service concluded with a time of prayer and singing in which we featured “Pops.” He is a great vocalist with a deep passion for God.

For those who were in attendance……Doesn’t Howard look good in a tie?


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