"Let us reason together…" Isaiah 1:18


Reconsider Consumerism

Are you you glocal in your spending choices? Check out the site below that I saw over at Todd Rhoades site www.mondaymorninginsight.com.

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Our Global Outreach theme, EVERYWHERE, reminds me of the attributes of God. Interestingly, omnipresence may be reserved for God alone. We don’t know if atoms are everywhere or if hydrogen and oxygen are everywhere, but we do know that God is everywhere. It is humorous to me that one must be omnipresent in order to prove omnipresence. I would have to be everywhere in order to prove that something is everywhere.

God lets us know that He is everywhere. God is the ultimate definition of glocal. No one and no thing is more global than God and no One and no thing is more local than God.

Our everywhere is anchored in both the universality of God’s presence and His local-ness. Spiritual things are the most likely to be glocal. For example, when I pray for Burkina Faso I am in my prayer chair, standing before God, and of sorts, in Burkina Faso. I am in three places at the same time. Intercession is glocal.

Giving is glocal. When I give I am both here and there. I am in Anchorage, Alaska and in the gift, because where my treasure is, there is my heart also.

Let’s keep drilling down into the revelation of what it means to be a global and local congregation.

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Glocal: Being local in many places at the same time.

Because the distances between people is shrinking we have the opportunity of being local in multiple places all at the same time. Even though Jesus was fully God and man, He is our model of living glocally. Jesus is local everywhere, all the time. Jesus zooms into the specifics of my life because He has zoomed, as Lord, into all of me. In fact, in me He is more local than I am.

The Leader of our Journey commanded us to glocal living when He said, “Go…teach….baptize…every nation.” Is this global or local? Is the command at home or foreign? Both!

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Zoom: Lessons from Google Earth

googleearth.gifFirst I see my nation. Then I can zoom in and see my State. Wow, there is my city. No way, there is my neighborhood. Amazing! I can see my property. Yep, it is hard to believe but there, right before my eyes, is my dog.

The zoom feature presents the opportunity to move past the big picture of the big picture and into the big picture of the small picture. Which world is bigger: the world of the stars or the world of the atom? Both require a fantastic zoom feature.

Is your church zooming into the big picture of your life?

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What color are your mother’s eyes?

How well do you know those close to you?How in the world are we so distant that we don’t know basic things about each other? We live in the same house but miss each other’s heart. We attend the same church but miss each others charm. Are you impressed with a place where everyone knows your name? No. You want a space where someone knows you. Understands you. Cares about you. Is God’s Church really designed to be a place filled with thousands of people who know very little of one another? I am on a quest to put “local” back into church.

My mom’s eyes are hazel.

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