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Congratulations to the Cowboys Fans

The NFL Thursday evening game provided quite a few fans a fun and enjoyable evening. In the end the “Boys” were more than the “Pack” could handle.

Maybe these two teams will meet again in late December.

Paula, Billy, and Leah should be happy.

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Tristan is home from the Philippines

My good friend and Jesus follower, Tristan, traveled to his homeland and has recently returned to Anchorage. A good picture of sun and surf is good for my soul. By the way, have you noticed the palm trees mentioned in Revelation?

Tristan gave me a wonderful gift from the Philippine Islands (The Philippines has 7000 Islands). The gift is a replica of a Spanish Galleon ship. It is the same type of ship that the missionaries boarded when they took the glorious Gospel to the Islands. The ship was made by a man who traveled many hours to Boracay Island just to make a bit of money. Tristan bought it for me from that gentleman.

Everyone, enjoy the beach!

Thanks, Tristan.




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Establishing God’s Church in South Central Alaska

My long time friend, Chris, is energetic, passionate, and committed to the multiplication of Jesus followers from all the people groups of earth. Chris will keep you on your evangelism toes 24/7/365.

I may always remember his comment, “God’s church needs people who think like generals!” How do we take an area for Christ? What are the processes of church planting and neighborhood shaking evangelism?

The service Chris leads is doing very well. They have turned an elementary school multipurpose room into a place where people meet with God. Fantastic! Plan to join them each Sunday at 11:00 AM in the Muldoon Elementary School multipurpose room.

Chris. Thanks for lunch today. Thank you for driving thousands of miles a year to further the Cause. Thanks for all of the door to door ministry. You are a champion.



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Blog Stats

I’ve been keeping stats of my blog  for about two weeks. The statistics are very interesting.

On what day of the week do readers read the most pages? Tuesday then Monday then Sunday.

What hours of the day are the busiest? 6 PM then 1 AM then 10 PM.

How many unique visits a day? Highest of 100 lowest 48.

Top three countries reading the blog outside of the US? China then Great Britain then Japan.

How long are readers on the blog? 75.6 % are from 0-30 minutes.

Thanks for reading.

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Hansen’s 52nd Anniversary

Three of brother and sister Hansen’s adult children and several of their grandchildren are part of the MCA worship family.  Brother and Sister Hansen, pictured below, worship here too, when they are resting from their work as missionaries in Bali, Indonesia.

Happy Anniversary!


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Valley needs prayer

One of our worship family’s dear little children could use God’s healing touch.  Valley, daughter of John and Danielle, has an infection that will be no match for God’s great power.  Join me in prayer for Valley’s total healing.


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Today, I gave away my life!

I love to give and the better the gift the more fulfilled I am.  So I’m on a quest to give the best gift.  Let’s take gifts that are not material out of the equation (love, joy, hope, peace, etc.) and see what may end up in the top five gifts I can give.

“The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide (The Bible)” states, “The life is in the blood.”  God made Adam.  By God’s personal action Adam became a living being.  All human life can be traced to God’s making Adam’s blood alive.  My natural life is from God’s blood and my spiritual life is from God’s blood.

Personally, I have a theology of blood donation.  Recently I told the phlebotomist, “Did you know that a blood donation saved my life?”  She couldn’t believe it.  “Wow!  I am impressed.  May I ask what caused you to need the blood?”  “Yes,”  I replied.  “The Donor was Jesus on the cross and the need was caused by sin.”  “That is beautiful.  I have never thought of it that way before,” she said.

Yes, I did give my life away today.  Not all of it.  Only about 600 grams.


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It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Our church family loves to throw a huge month long party celebrating the birth of our Lord. Decorating our facility requires hundreds of work hours.  Our 2007 theme reflects the glocal success of Jesus’ ministry.  When you enter we think you will find the world waiting.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress.  Our  decoration team’s work is inspirational.





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Thai Bible Study

Dale and Mary Umphrey and Chris Raymond have been blessed to be part of a Bible study in the Thai language. Most of the participants, who are from Thailand, are reporting God’s supernatural and miraculous power in their lives. Some have been gloriously saved while others have been miraculously healed!

In the photos below you will see the group preparing their Christmas choir as well as studying the scripture.

One of the group leaders made a very shocking statement, “Pastor Kent, Anchorage has three Thai Buddhist Temples………. and no Thai Christian church.”

Let’s get that changed. Immediately!


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Christmas Stories?

Often the most effective communication flows through a real life story. I have never measured, but it seems to me that a large majority of Biblical revelation is presented in story form.

Will you send us your favorite Christmas stories? kentredfearn@pastorkent.me

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