"Let us reason together…" Isaiah 1:18


Ida Sheneman Funeral

Ida Sheneman, First Lady of Muldoon Community Assembly, was honored in funeral services today. The church and graveside services were anchored in the timeless truths of the Bible. Ida, always a person of advanced planning, selected 2 Corinthians 4:16 through 2 Corinthians 5:5 as the text for her service.

The text mentions that the earthly tent is temporary, momentary, and preparatory, for a building whose builder and maker is God. The earthly tent will be folded and put away. The eternal dwelling will never pass away.

Ida loved our church family very much. In a real sense, she gave her life for this ministry. We treat it as holy unto the Lord.



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Did you hear that Eleanor, one of our newest MCA family members, entered a drawing at Anchorage Chrysler/Dodge?  You got it.  She won over $16,000.

Interestingly, just days before she mentioned to Mark Burgess, “I would love to go on one of our church missions trips, but I could never afford that much money.”  Mark replied, “Well, just trust the Lord and see what kind of miracle He will do.”


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There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Enjoyed lunch today with Gary Morton, Pastor of the Anchorage First Assembly of God Pacific Rim Outreach and Life Change Center. Good friends are part of the joy in life. What do friends do? Friends understand, care, listen, bless, encourage, believe, feel with, feel for, have faith, provide hope, and demonstrate love.

To my knowledge our lunch didn’t rock the planet. No one was saved or filled with the Spirit. No money was raised and no new missionaries sent out. No life changing and brilliant ideas were developed. No new sermon ideas and no new counseling techniques were discovered.

Just lots of understanding, care, listening, blessing, encouragement, believing, faithing, hoping, and loving. Maybe this is life. Is the purpose of life………..life? Unlike Plato, I don’t think life is a shadow to be seen on a cave wall. The reality isn’t somewhere else that needs to be discovered.

What if the purpose of life is to have life as the purpose?

Of Jesus it is said, “In Him was life!” I can almost imagine a modern day metro-Christian sitting with Jesus at lunch. “Jesus, what is the purpose of life?” she asks. “I am!” He replies.

Life, it turns out, is a Person.


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Happy Anniversary

Today Bill and Lucy celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary. Lot’s of love from us to you.


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Random (?) Acts of Kindness

God is so cool. I am grieving the death of two dear friends, Jack Miller and Ida Sheneman, as well as adjusting to the news that my brother in law, Jerry, is fighting against cancer that is throughout his body. He is only 49 years old and yet faced with such a gigantic fight.

I figure a nice little Qdoba burrito (with an extra scoop of habenero sauce) would give me time alone to read and pray. With “The Divine Hours: Prayers for autumn and winter” in my hand, I walk into my favorite corporate casual fast food locale. “I’ll take a chicken queso naked burrito with extra habenero sauce and an iced tea please.”

I hand Max, the sharpest culinary arts specialist you could ever meet, my credit and frequent fryer card, to which he replies, “Just because I am a nice guy, I feel like buying your meal today.” Max wouldn’t take a penny from me.

Free chicken queso burritos taste better because they come with love.


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How are you doing in your secret life?

It is very hard to believe that more than one out of ten South Central Alaska residents are food insecure. As Jesus followers, we know that acts of righteousness have been defined, very clearly, by God in the Bible. Our church culture tends to define righteousness by sinful things we don’t do, which is a very good partial definition. A more complete definition of the acts of a righteous person is based upon actions we do! Of sorts, we are not known by what we don’t do, but by what we do.

The acts of righteousness, according to Matthew 6, are secret giving to people in need, secret prayer, and secret fasting.

The following pictures are intended to show that a large number of food insecure people are the recipients of acts of righteousness by some MCA Jesus followers. I tried to make sure our workers faces are not shown, so that I don’t blow their secret cover :0)

The photos are from our Manna Mobile ministry which serves our community every Wednesday morning. Our honored guests wait indoors and then move outdoors to the shopping line. Each person is free to select the food items they desire from the shopping line.


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Guitars for God and Global Outreach

Marty, one of MCA’s great craftsmen, built this bass guitar as a blessing for our church family in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Notice the exquisite detailing. The Assemblies of God emblem, for the Burkina Faso fellowship is crafted into the wood as is the message of the cross of Christ.

This type of creativity is wonderful. God is a creative God. You look a lot like Him when you are creating.bassguitar2.jpg


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Fanatastic Funeral for Ada Geesey


True to her calling, faithful to a commitment, and an instrument of mercy was the powerful theme of Ada Geesey’s funeral service. Ada’s family and friends honored her in a service fit for a queen.

Both the Church of God and the Assemblies of God were present to honor Ada’s many years of pastoral ministry, church planting work, and life of mentoring. Ada’s service may be the only funeral in our history to have the entire Alaska District Council’s Presbytery in attendance.

Personally, I enjoyed knowing that Ada’s service was held in the church she planted, officiated by people she introduced to the Savior, and attended by many her life of ministry had blessed.

Hundreds of people rise to call Ada blessed.


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Grief May Be A Window of the Soul

What do we do with the heart realities following Sister Sheneman’s death?  For me, her death gives me a new “Window of the Soul.”  Finding a quiet place to pray, reflect, and meditate, I begin to look deep inside my heart through the window of grief.  I see both beautiful and rather ugly things, things that should be built upon and things that should be removed.

Two of the ugliest realities I see through this window of the soul are selfishness and earth-bounded-ness.  Without a doubt it is far better for Ida to leave the pain, restrictions, and difficulties of the mortal and to put on the joys and freedoms of immortality.  She is much better served to set aside corruption for incorruption.  Me?  The view through this window allows me to see how much I selfishly cling to the mortal and corruptible.

Not everything in the view is that ugly (by God’s grace).  By God’s grace I have enjoyed thirty years of God’s love as demonstrated in relationship with this glorious daughter of God.  I have the capacity to be selfish, yet with God’s grace, I also have the ability to give and receive love.

What do you see through the windows of your soul?

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My good friend has finished her race!

Ida Sheneman, MCA’s heroic first lady, died peacefully about 1/2 hour ago (2:45 PM, Sunday, October 28). She had been asking God to allow her to enter heaven right away. Thankfully, God answered her prayer today.

I encourage you to listen to Alfred Flett’s message from the 9:15 service today. Alfred preached a powerful message from the text, “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

I’ll update you on funeral plans as soon as they are finalized.

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