A conflicted watchman

Rarely, if ever, have I struggled like this. I have an urgent concern that virtually none of my peers want to hear, care to hear, or show any interest in hearing. In fact, I have heard some of them laughing and mocking me and my concerns. Not my favorite cup of tea.

My story goes like this.

Many months ago I had the sense the Lord was calling me to speak as a watchman for our congregation and my family. My calling was to stand at the crossroads to watch, listen, observe, and report. With this purpose in mind, I began to fast, pray, study, and meditate.

A few weeks later, I was visiting a superbly reliable brother in Christ. He has experienced a stroke that limits his communication skill and diminished his vocabulary. Brighter than any of us, but with a limited speaking ability, my friend explained a vision He perceives he received from the Lord.

He showed me a picture of a corona virus cell. He held up one finger and said, “One. Small. Bad. Two. Big. Big. Big. Bad. Bad. Bad.” Trying to make sure I understood, I said, “This pandemic will have two cycles. We are in the first cycle and it is small compared to the second cycle that will be huge and very bad?” “Yes. Yes. Yes. BAD. BAD. BAD.” He said.

People who love me a great deal and are much smarter than I am, cautioned me. “Do not speak to the safety of vaccines. You are not a scientist. You have no authority to speak in that realm. Stick to the Bible. You have authority there.”

I have been cognizant of that guidance for several months now. However, I have been thinking.

Was Noah an authority on ship building, rain, and floods?

Was Elijah an authority on clouds the size of a man’s hand?

Was Jael an authority on hammer and nails?

Was Paul an expert on worship and earthquakes while in prison?

Was Andrew an authority on fish and loaves?

With those thoughts in mind, I am delighted to say, I am not an authority on the healthfulness, safety, and efficacy of anything medical. I give no medical advice. In fact, i don’t know any medical advice to give.

My spirit, however, rises with great concern, on several levels, regarding the mass immunization of our globe. I really hope I am wrong. WAY wrong. Totally off. On the wrong planet.

But just in case my friend’s vision is from the Lord and my concern is from the Spirit, I would like to say, “Be extra prayerful about your medical decisions at this moment in history. Especially, give much thought to the global push to vaccinate you, your elders, your children, and social network.”

Did I mention that i hope I am wrong? I hope so. Really. Really. Hope so.

This interview with one of the world’s leading vaccine experts comes as close to capturing what I sense in my soul as anything I have read or seen. This gentleman is pro-vaccine, as am I. To my knowledge, I am current on every vaccine that is not, in my opinion, morally tainted.

Watching this interview may be the most important hour you give your health and the health of your family. He may be right. He may be wrong. But he should be heard.

CLICK this link to watch world renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche.


May God guide us, each one.

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