Fasting Frequencies

Fasting and prayer have a way of making the quiet loud and the loud quiet. I call this phenomenon, “fasting frequencies.”

There is much to say about God’s enjoyment of sound. Without a doubt God encourages us to praise Him with “high sounding cymbals, loud sounding cymbals, trumpets, and numerous other instruments. Additionally, I believe that when “God said, “Let there be light,” that it was the loudest moment in history past and history future. God likes it loud!

One also finds God’s approval of quietness. Isaiah declared, in Isaiah 30:15, “In quietness and trust is your strength.” Just as much as God delights in decibels, he celebrates quietness.

When fasting one may find the usual volume of life to be distracting from devotion, reflection, and contemplation. No one turns down the volume of life during a fast but fasting shifts the focus to the loud voice of the Spirit which is often not in our hearing spectrum. There are loud communications all around us today. Which frequencies do you tune in?

Today I am hearing the pain people feel and how much God feels the pain too. Interestingly the Bible clearly reveals that the Sovereign God deeply feels. Joy, sadness, humor, satire, and regret are some of the feelings the Bible reveals in God. In my opinion, God feels with those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

As you fast and pray, let yourself focus on the volumes you normally don’t allow yourself to hear.

Listen to the loud crying of the world’s hungry children.

Hear the joyful shouting of those who have received a miracle.

Behold the words of God to you regarding His love.

Watch for the frequency changes you experience in this year’s fasting and prayer emphasis. I am fairly sure that you will be dialing in on the frequencies the Father features.

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