The Story of Despair

Yesterday I launched a series of talks called, “Counter Story.”

Two years ago Dr. Joe Castleberry mentioned in a talk at the Holy Spirit Conference that the Holy Spirit is the One to write the script of our lives. Since that time I have been contemplating the story lines of our lives and the who, how, and why of life script writing.

Each of us makes sense of our lives through various beliefs, understandings, perspectives, and mechanisms. Deep in the human soul is the need and desire to understand our lives. In one of my readings I came across Frederick Buechner’s idea, “Listen to your life.” Our lives are talking to us 24/7/365. Often, we don’t listen.

In yesterday’s conversation, I heard several people suggest that they have been despairing about the story line of their lives. Some were feeling that God had abandoned them in the middle of life’s journey.

Realizing that God is writing a counter story, that is modeled after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, brought hope and strength.

When you listen to your life you will see that God is both present and participating with you in your journey.

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