1 Timothy for Teens

Wedensday, June 2, Howard and I begin our summer “Teen Talks.”  Tim needed some quick help because he was given a huge job to do by Paul, even though Tim was young, inexperienced, and shy.  Paul said in another letter, “Tim, study so that people will see that you are approved.”

Today’s teens have been given a huge assignment, from the Lord, in much the same way Tim was given his.  Teens are also young, inexperienced, and shy but with Paul’s training of Timothy we too can do great things!  When we learn the lessons of 1 Timothy we will be postured for greater success in life.

See all interested teens on Wednesday evening at 7 PM.  I have the joy of talking to the High School students and Howard has world’s greatest Junior High students.

We will give a special gift to each student who has read all of 1 Timothy between today and Wednesday, June 2.  Get the word out.

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