14 Days of Heroes and Day One of the Heroes of Jesus

Today, we are launching “14 Days of Heroes.” Each day, for 14 days, MCA Church folks will be declaring a “hero of the day.” My hope is that you will post your daily hero online, on a bulletin board at work, on Facebook, or in some other visible forum.

Our example in the Christian life is Jesus. He is our example, and without a doubt, He is every Christian’s hero. I wonder, who were his heroes? Who did he consider people of extreme character, courage, and central to his life?

From my reading of the Bible, Jesus’ Hero of the Day is Moses.

As an infant, Moses overcame a very difficult separation from his parents and family. He was raised by non-covenant keeping parents outside of his own culture, faith, and family. In his early adult life he committed the very serious crime of murder along with all of the crimes of hiding the crime, evidence, and lying about the crime. Yet, all of this was fundamentally redeemed through a powerful encounter with God.

Thirty-three times the quotes of Jesus, in the New Testament, are found in the writings of Moses. In many ways, the teachings of Jesus were the teachings of Moses moved up to the next level. When people were seeking to learn, Jesus often said, “What did Moses say?” Jesus would then build off of Moses’ ideas a New Covenant truth.

Moses is my choice for Day One of the Heroes of Jesus.

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