2016/2017 MCA Church Leadership and Ministry Team

Remember the year when the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl with a large number of their starting players unable to play due to injury? As I watched them win, I thought, “Championship teams are flexible and enduring.”

Managing is the skill of placing people where their strengths can be effective for the organization.  As the MCA Church key results, “God is glorified and people are transformed into the image of Jesus Christ,” become further defined, it is prudent to posture our team for maximum impact.

With this in mind, it is a delight to share the following Pastoral Staff realignments.

First, we thank God for the ministry of Michael Roux in leading the MCA Church Worship and the Arts ministry for the past seven years.  Michael and Rachel add life, joy, and energy every where they go. Michael’s tenure as the Pastor of the MCA Worship and the Arts ministry is coming to a close as he moves to God’s next assignment for him.

Recently Michael stated, “It is time to make a change.  God is moving me on.”  If it weren’t for the confidence that God is all wise, we would argue against this decision. However, we are completely supportive of God’s will and plan.

The MCA Interim Youth Pastor, Jonathan Redfearn, will transfer on September 1, 2016, to the role of MCA Worship and the Arts Director.  I look forward to watching all that the Lord intends for our Worship and the Arts ministry, including additional dramatic arts and choral opportunities.

In every venue we have room for the release of your worship and the arts ministry.  Do you do graphic design? Write music?  Poetry? Are you an actress or actor? Your skill set is in high demand at MCA Church!

Kelli Reed, MCA Young Adult Director, is planning a year away from the hustle and hurry of young adult ministry. Not to worry!  She’ll be back highly energized, invigorated, full of new revelation.  We love Kelli and are fired up about God’s plans for her.

I’ll miss Kelli’s quick scientific mind dropping quotes on us in staff meetings, but fully expect her to drop into our meetings from time to time with the latest discovery in string theory (Umbral Moonshine?).  Hurry back to the action, Kelli.

Alejandro (Alex) Esteban has responded to the call of God to serve the students of South Central Alaska and the MCA Church network as the MCA Church Youth Director. EXCITING! Alex (from Guam) and Zyla (from Hawaii) add to the wonderful cultural diversity of our team.

Alex has resigned his supervisor position at NC Machinery to pursue God’s special calling to youth ministry. Prior to NC Machinery Alex worked (over six years) at Denali Family Services with students experiencing autism, ADD and ADHD, depression, severe emotional disturbance, emotional neglect, and physical or sexual abuse.  His co-workers there speak exceptionally highly of Alex’ effectiveness with the students.

Additionally, Alex, knowing the call of God, has prepared for this calling by participating in classes at Far North Bible College and the Alaska School of Ministry. His ministry to students at MCA Island Revival and Revival Assembly has been effective and life changing for the teens.

Sorry, Green Bay Packers, you aren’t the only flexible and enduring championship team.  :0)