30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World: Unnamed Group in Central Asia

With today’s prayer focus being an unnamed people group, I think it best to provide the group information from the prayer guide.

This unnamed people group are strong, independent mountain-dwellers, easily walking for a day to spend time with friends. Until recently, their rough mountainous region had no vehicular access, but working hard (with lots of dynamite!) the people are making a level way through the valleys, for the first time connecting needy people to markets and much-needed health services.

They live in Central Asia, and comprise only about 300,000 people made up of about five ethnic groups and speaking different languages. Known for straight-talking, honesty and practical jokes, their lives are plagued by conflict, religious laws, violence, sickness and death. Many leave their mountain due to fear of family revenge killings, lack of food or a desire to educate their children. Islamic extremism is also bringing conflict and widespread fear.

When praying for an unnamed people and situation, we totally rely upon the Holy Spirit to guide us.