Folly’s Fake Front

The first recorded human temptation and sin was directly related to folly’s fake front.

The folly founder (Satan): Seeks to enter a conversation with Eve without concern for her. He pushes his own failed agenda, “You will be like God.” Genesis 3:5, Isaiah 14:14

Satan puts a fake front on folly.  Furious woman shouting
You surely shall not die. 3:4 – Your eyes will be opened. 3:4 – You will be like God. 3:5
Knowing good and evil. 3:5

Eve began to perceive reality through the lens of the fake front on folly.
• When Eve saw that the tree was good for food. 3:6
• When Eve saw that the tree was a delight to the eyes. 3:6
• When Eve saw that the tree was desirable to make one wise. 3:6

Deception is the foundation of folly.
• Eve became deceived that the tree was good, although God revealed the tree’s terrible consequences. 3:3
• Eve became deceived that the tree would make her wise, although God revealed the tree as knowledge, not as wisdom. 2:17

Notice that folly is the knowledge of good and evil while wisdom is knowing good from evil.

A comparison of Genesis 3 and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil with Proverbs 3 and the tree of life.

Genesis 3’s Tree of Knowledge                            Proverb 3’s Tree of Life

Doubting God reveals truth. 1                              Pursue God’s revealed truth. 13

God withholds wisdom. 4                                     God’s wisdom is in creation. 19, 20

God’s discipline is self-serving. 5                        God shares His wisdom with love. 11, 12

Wisdom is the result of disobedience. 6            Wisdom is the result of obedience 1, 2

Wisdom comes from your understanding. 6     Wisdom says, “Lean not on your own understanding.”

Wisdom comes from the tree of the                    Wisdom comes from the tree of life. 18
knowledge of good and evil. 6

MCA Church LIFE Group Home Work

My Story

  1. Have you ever purchased a product that totally failed to do what it claimed it could do?
  2. Have you ever purchased a product you didn’t want or need based upon an impulse?

Digging Deeper

  1. Folly is the failure of wisdom.  Stupidity is the lack of intellect.  Folly is the actions of fools.

2. How much folly does it take to outweigh a lifetime of wisdom?  Ecclesiastes 10:1

3.  What are the two characteristics of folly mentioned in Proverbs 9:13?

4.  When, in our folly, we are foolish, toward whom are we angry? Proverbs 19:3

5.  Why do people repeat folly?  Proverbs 26:11

6.  How easy is it to remove folly from a foolish heart?  Proverbs 27:22

7.  A major issue of our culture today is found in the first sentence of 1 Corinthians 3:19.

8.  Are you prepared to stand with the wisdom of God against the folly of our day?

Taking It Home

  • Are you seeing any folly in your life today?
  • What one step should you take today to move from folly toward wisdom?

Lifting Up In Prayer

  1. Please pray for our exciting North Campus Expansion.
  2. Ask God for miracle provision for the building finances.
  3. Please pray for those in your group to have the faith, courage, and strength to take the next step regarding wisdom

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