The Tipping Point

Years ago a teenage girl said, “Pastor Kent, I can’t control my lustful thoughts and the Bible says that if you lust you have committed adultery already.  Since I lust for my boy friend, I have sex with him too.”

Why would a teenage girl even talk to me about lust and sex?  Because she was wanting my opinion about the abortion she had just scheduled.

Is lust a sin? YES!

Is fornication a sin? YES!

Is abortion a sin? YES!

My teenage friend’s huge theological error was in thinking that lust, fornication, and abortion are the same sin.

What kind of fair Judge would punish the sin of lust with the same sentence as abortion?  God certainly doesn’t.

Speaking of sexual sin and the abortions that follow; It’s election time in the USA.

When you gather up all the sin of the United States of America and her people into a basket and place it on the right side of God’s moral scale, you discover the vast weightiness of our personal and corporate sin.  Truly the United States of America and we the people of this nation are catastrophically sinful before God.

Now pull from the dregs of this basket the sin of abortion and place it on the left side of God’s moral scale.  The sin of abortion outweighs all other national sins combined.

This is gigantic.  Our nation and we the people have gargantuan sin almost too enormous to fathom. Sometimes it feels like we are the most sinful group ever to live on the planet simply because we have experienced the goodness of God and we know better.  Intentional, methodical, and consistent sin is as bad as it gets.

My theology and understanding of God requires me to vote for life.

My vote for life is a personal repentance for the world’s greatest sin. It is a personal apology to the millions of humans who were never given an opportunity to breathe one breath.

My vote for life is in hope of replacing the wicked and sinful judges (for the Christian there is nothing Supreme about the top court in the USA) who have voted to approve and stand idly by, officially giving protection and oversight to the slaughter.

My vote for life is a vote for God.  “For God so loved….that none (especially babies) should perish.”

My vote for life is a vote against Satan. “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.”

My vote for life is a vote for Jesus. “I have come that you may have life and that more abundantly.”

My vote for life is a vote for self-preservation.  It is just a matter of time before the killing machine decides that Bible based Christians can not live.

In the end, I must stand before God with personal responsibility for my vote.  Should the Lord tarry and give me strength, I plan to vote for the candidate that I hope has the greatest likelihood of being guided by the Holy Spirit to give life.

With enough of us voting, we can tip the scale!