A Boaz Operation Report (with one special MCA minister featured)

IMG_1898Making the most of our Alaskan resources for the cause of Christ ia important to me and to MCA Church.  Helping folks, world-wide, become people of realized potential is deep in the core of our work.  Truly, we want everyone to glorify God and grow to their full potential in Christ.

People potential is vastly diverse and developing potential requires a different approach for each person.  One of our “Full Potential in Christ” ministries is the Boaz Operation in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  The Boaz Operation is the child education component of our ministry in this fantastic West African nation.

Many Alaskans sponsor a child to attend elementary school through the Boaz Operation.  The sponsorship is a twelve month commitment of $20 per month.  The sponsored child is blessed to receive a school uniform, a lunch meal, all school materials, a Christmas gift, and a whole lot of Jesus’ love.

Click here to read the latest Boaz Operation Report featuring MCA Church’s Q-girl. 

Your gifts for the children of Burkina Faso are always a welcomed blessing.  You may give online by clicking here.


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