A Gentle Correction for our Worship Community

When I walked into our Central Campus this morning, I felt as if God began to speak to me. I was thinking about the talk I was about to present. Full of joy for the day services and looking forward to a great day. Without doubt, we enjoyed a marvelous day with the Lord and church family.

As I entered my study, I decided to write down what I sensed the Lord speaking to me. He commended us and gave a word of correction.

It is as if He said, “There is much I like about MCA, but I don’t like the tendency of some to worship half-heartedly.”

I won’t list, here, the signs of half-hearted worship that I sensed he pointed out, but I decided to respond immediately with a call to our congregation to worship with integrated wholeness and with whole-heartedness.

The response by our congregation was tremendous. We whole-heartedly repented, prayed, and worshipped.

I wrote a Worship Covenant between our congregants and MCA worship leaders. We committed to the Worship Covenant and then anointed all of the worship leaders in attendance (about 15 band leaders were there). Then the worship leaders began to anoint us for greater worship participation. It was glorious!

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