A Great Week for an Equipping/Venue Church!

Wow! What a great week for His church. God called us to shift from a performance based congregation into a church who actively equips Jesus’ followers to do the work of ministry. The results are multiplying into fantastic ministry that pleases the Lord. The weekend service you attend is only the tip of the ice-berg! Hundreds of people are doing and being church all around South Central Alaska daily.

Sunday’s water baptisms are powerful testimonies of God’s work in you to do the Great Commission. Pastor Tracy and Teresa both had people from their ministries follow the Lord in water baptism. Fantastic.

Today, I enjoyed lunch with Daniel, Pastor Fay, and two or our powerful members of the Multi-Language Venue. Malika and Vassana prepared a delicious Thai meal. They followed the meal with a pictoral testimony of Malika’s recent ministry journey to Thailand!

Hallelujah! Literally hundreds of people heard the Gospel through Malika and Jessica. The Good News was spread with amazing power and effectiveness. I believe many received Christ. Malika attends the Multi-Language Venue, Teresa leads numerous services each month, and Jessica attends various venue services.

Think of it. It is glorious. Through the equipping of Tracy, Teresa, and Chris to accomplish ministry, many souls are being impacted. Hundreds of people have heard the Good News through the work of these three.


Malika showing photos of her evangelism ministry in Thailand.


Malika and Vassana enjoying God’s blessing upon the mission.

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