A Place for You: An Inside Job

Word "love" Shape Electrocardiogram Vector On White BackgroundWe are becoming safe and trustworthy people who are comfortable in life-giving groups.

For me to be a safe, trustworthy, and healthful member of a group, I must do the necessary “heart work.”

Heart Work – The internal awareness, corrections, adjustments, ownership, and responsibilities necessary to authentically practice the one anothers of the Bible.

Christianity is first of all external (He first loved me). Then it is internal (Work out your own salvation). Then it is external again (Christians by love).

Consider the Heart Work necessary to embody the Beatitudes. Matthew 5:2-10

Let us contemplate the Heart Work necessary in the story of the Loving Father and Prodigal Son. Luke 15

Also, Paul and John Mark reveal the outcome of doing the necessary Heart Work. Acts 15:37-40, 2 Timothy 4:11

What Heart Work must I do to embody 1 John 3:23?

What Heart Work must I do to embody Ephesians 4:2?
• Completely humble
• Completely gentle
• Patient
• Bearing with one another in love

Heart Work is hard work because my heart misrepresents the truth to me! Jer. 17:9

Even though the heart is deceitful, God desires truth in my inmost being. Ps. 51:6

To see into my blind spots I need three sets of heart work eyes:

1. The Bible.
2. The Holy Spirit.
3. A safe and trustworthy group. (A hermeneutical community)

What can you see in your blind spots?

Quick Review

Looking back on your notes from this week’s teaching was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged, or confused you?

Listen – My Story

1. Please share your full name and why, in your opinion, this name was selected for you.
2. Many people are more comfortable with either the outer world of people and things or the inner world of thoughts and feelings. Do you have a preference?

Learn – Dig Deeper

1. What heart work do you see Jesus doing in Matthew 26:36-46?
2. The Bible is one set of eyes with which we can see into our blind spots. James 1:22-25
a. What is the blind spot mentioned in verse 22?
b. To what is one compared if she or he hears the word but doesn’t do the necessary heart work? V. 23
c. Do you think that “forgets what he is like” is similar to a blind spot? V. 24
d. If you do the necessary heart work, what are the results? V. 24
3. Work through the following Johari Window by asking what benefit is the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and a small group in each of the quadrants.

Photo Credit: http://ryansauers.com/to-lead-better-embrace-the-blind-spot/

Live – Taking It Home

1. Is God speaking to you about becoming comfortable with heart work?
2. Is there a specific heart work assignment in which you would like your Life Group’s assistance?

Lift – Prayers

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