A Prayer for Sacred Sex

My heavenly Father and Covenant Partner, I pray to you in the name of your Son, Jesus.

Thank you for extending an invitation to become your partner in the New Covenant cut for me in the body of your Son by the shedding of His blood.  The holy communion I am offered in Jesus is holy, sacred, and deeply meaningful to me.  I am filled with gratitude for the blood covenant Jesus offers when He said, “This is my body which is broken for you.”

Thank you for authorizing me to enter into a blood covenant, after the exchange of vows and a covenant sign, with my spouse.  May our entire marriage covenant be pleasing to you.  Please be present in our physical union and make our relationship a type of physical holy communion. Make each intimate moment a renewal of our covenant pledge to You and to each other.  To my covenant keeping spouse I say, “This is my body, which is for you.”

Today I am bringing all of my sexual activity under the Lordship of Jesus by confessing sexual sin and asking you to renew your covenant with me today.  From this day forward I will live in obedience to the New Covenant written in the blood of your Son.

I RECOGNIZE the seriousness of my violation of your New Covenant sexual stipulations and I feel the weight of my violation of your plan.

I REPENT of my sin, not just in prayerful words, but in an entire change of belief and practice.

I RENOUNCE any and all sinful practices that may have placed me in an unholy covenant.  I renounce all unholy, detestable, profane, abominable, and perverse  actions done to me, by me, or because of me.  I renounce any commitments to Darkness that my actions may have intentionally or unintentionally established and any commitments made on my behalf or against me by others.  I renounce all gifts, items, or goods that have been given to me, that connect me to an unholy sexual covenant.  I renounce all attachements to people linked to my sexual sin.

I REQUEST COVENANT RENEWAL by the blood covenant offered to me in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  From this very moment I fully enter the New Covenant and will completely reserve my sexuality for the marriage covenant.

I RETURN with my whole being, my heart, soul, mind, strength, will, emotions, and body to You, my Covenant Partner.  I return to You in a holy partnership in the New Covenant.

I RECEIVE your forgiveness, redemption, removal of my sin, and freedom.  You have canceled all unholy covenants I have fostered.  You have redeemed me from any curse my actions or actions taken by others against me may have produced.  I receive a clear conscience, a shame free future, and Your grace to navigate all of the situations this prayer creates.

Today, I make a new covenant of sexual purity.  My sexuality will be expressed only in marriage as a renewal of my marriage covenant.  As such, I know that You are present and my spouse and I, in our intimate moments,  experience Your Holy Presence.  Because You are present and pleased I understand that sex is sacred.

May Your Holy Spirit empower me in this New Covenant.



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