A Bird in the Breeze

Anchorage winds are a blast.  Cold, dark, wintery, cloudless moonlit evenings hold something very special for the Alaskan soul.

Lonely raven on a branch of a tree at winter time ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Driving today was the kind of fun a sourdough enjoys.  I would steer in the generally desired direction and enjoy the gusts that pushed my 5,500 pound SUV from lane to lane.

As a huge burst of wind moved me from the right lane into the left, I noticed a raven sitting on a branch of a wind tossed tree.  It seemed the branches would break off of the tree trunk at any moment.

I don’t speak raven, but it sure seemed to me that this bird was having a ton of fun.  Up and down, back and forth the branch moved.  A roller coaster for ravens, I thought.

Just then it seemed the Creator spoke to me.

“I created the raven for the winds.  Man designed and engineered and produced this SUV.   The winds blowing against the people of God are extreme.  Don’t hide in man made things because I created you for the winds too.”

I am made for the winds.