A Sacred and Solemn Assembly

Joel 2 is the Biblical passage giving structure to our forty-day season of repentance and humility before God.  Weeping as part of worship is not popular for most of us today.  Services are to be filled (some would say) with the powerful joy of the Lord, not the more somber tones of the anguish of soul that leads to deep repentance.

The Bible is clear, there is a season for weeping between the front door of the local church and the altar.  Being a bit experienced in life, we know that the day will break, the sun will rise, and the season of rejoicing will be upon us again.  But don’t allow yourself to be afraid of the tears.

The first service of our sacred and solemn assembly is now complete.  It was thoughtful, biblical, and a serious call to repentance and humility.

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