A Strategy for Ministering to the Next Generation

Children and teens are, without a doubt, the evangelism priority for effectively ministering in America today. With twenty-five percent of the United States population being under seventeen years of age and with the vast majority of those who become Jesus followers being under the age of fourteen, it is clear whom we should prioritize.

Becoming more effective in ministry to the next generation is one of the top priorities of the MCA worship community. We are seeking God’s guidance for more effective ministry to teens and children. Together, with God’s blessing, we will crack the ministry code for this generation.

On Sunday evening we showed a message by Pastor Rod Loy of the Little Rock, Arkansas First Assembly of God. The message was presented on Monday evening of the Influence Conference 2011. Rod’s talk is about 2 hours into the video. I recommend fast forwarding until you see Rod (wearing a green polo shirt).

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