Affirmation of Mike and Heidi’s Ordination

In a glorious celebration, the MCA worship family celebrated Mike and Heidi’s recent ordination into the full Gospel preaching ministry. Pastor Ted Boatsman, our District Superintendent, and the Alaska District Council Presbytery ordained Mike a few weeks ago. Our leadership team wanted to get in on the fun and celebrate with Mike and Heidi.

Ordination, for a minister, is similar to a law student passing the bar exam, a medical doctor being granted permission to serve patients, and a quarterback winning the Super Bowl.

Adding to the joyous occasion was Ron, Mike’s uncle. It was very special to have Ron in attendance to bless Mike and Heidi with uplifting and honoring words.  Evangelist, John Beier, of Abbott Loop Community Church, Assistant Superintendent elect, Pastor Gary Morton, Evangelist Chris Raymond, and many others were highlights of the tremendous evening.

We thank the Lord for Mike, Heidi, and their children.









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