Africa 09

By God’s glorious grace and mercy none MCA-ers are in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. We have found internet access on the AoG campus and are delighted to communicate with my blogosphere friends.

Today (Saturday, January 24) was a fun and eventful day. Following an enjoyable breakfast, we traveled 2 hours east to attend a wedding. The bride, groom, and wedding service were not real dissimilar to a wedding at MCA. Joany preached the wedding message and did so marvelously.

The wedding reception expected 4,000 guests to attend. They said it was a reception that required the killing of four cows and over 200 chickens.

Following the wedding and a bite of lunch, we traveled to the primary school that God allowed MCA to sponsor and assist. The sponsoring church’s women’s choir and youth choir sang songs of thanks to you and to God for the miracle of the school.

I was deeply moved by the sense of God’s favor upon your missions giving and labors. Keep it up!





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