“Again!” 2010 Conference on the Holy Spirit

The 2010 Conference on the Holy Spirit, January 31 through February 3, is shaping up as one of the most anticipated conferences on the Spirit in our history.  We have searched for ministers with a scholarly background as well as a strong Holy Spirit anointing upon their lives and ministry.

rt kendall 2

R.T. Kendall, prolific author, pastor, evangelist, and follower of Jesus, will be speaking to us about the Spirit’s anointing.  In preparation for the conference you may want to read his book, “Anointing.”

dave thomas

David Thomas, Pastor of Orange County First Assembly of God, is both scholarly and effective in Spirit led ministry.  His years of missionary ministry helped shape his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

joe purcell

Joe Purcell, Director of Rhema Bible College in Singapore, brings teaching to us about the Holy Spirit and Divine Healing.  It will be a blessing to welcome Joe home to Alaska.

joe castleberry

Joe Castleberry, President of Northwest University, returns to our conference with his powerful insights into the Holy Spirit’s ministry in a post-modern culture.  Joe’s exceptional insight into the Spirit is remarkable.

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