Alaska Christian Ministry Association


Dr. Eileen Star leads one of the great ministry agencies in Alaska. The Alaska Christian Ministry Association, which Dr. Star directs, has significant influence and impact in personal lives, churches, and agencies. Their Practical Positive Parenting, statewide conferences, local church consultations, National Night Out, Mt. View Elementary School Spring Break Day Camp, Vacation Bible Schools, and numerous other ministries are making a change in Alaskan residents.

In addition to all the glorious labor in the Gospel, Eileen is a wonderful friend. I appreciate the opportunity my friend and co-laborer has presented to me by allowing me to serve on the Alaska Christian Ministry Advisory Board.

The Alaska Christian Ministry and a network of children’s pastors are brining Bible Man to Anchorage. We are looking for financial and prayerful sponsors for this children’s ministry. Our goal is to raise $8,000 for this ministry. Please mark your contribution with “Bible Man.”

To all of our non-South Central Alaska readers, why not travel to Anchorage for the ministry time? We would love to see you here.

The photos are from our Alaska Christian Ministry Advisory Board meeting this morning.


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