All Access Conference 2011

Recently I attended the2011 All Access Conference at The Healing Place church in Baton Rouge, LA. My guess is that over 2,000 people registered for the conference.

Following are some of my thoughts from my time there:

1. Every person has someone way ahead of them, next to them, and behind them. Learn from all of them.
2. Often, ministry flows through relationships.
3. If you love the crowd, you may be tempted to overlook the individual and if you love the individual, you may not develop capacity to reach the crowd. Seek to reach both.
4. Maybe Sunday morning is the most boring 90 minutes of the week?
5. Just because you really admire someone doesn’t mean you must dress like them, talk their way, and become “mini-thems.”
6. Someone remind me not to sell ministry products when I speak somewhere.
7. My most respected ministers are full of love for God, their families, and those nearby.
8. Have fun. Who wrote fun out of God’s script for your life?

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