All Nations

MCA Church is fully committed to bringing our very best to the Great Assignment. It is amazingly easy to allow our primary task to get lost amid the action and distraction of contemporary living.

The Macedonian Christians received grace from God to go beyond their human capacity in giving. I love the line (2 Corinthians Eight) “welled up in rich generosity.” Our intent is for MCA Church to continue to receive the grace of God to well up in rich generosity for the Great Assignment.

Pastor Fay and I have prepared a system to help you determine your faith promise for the upcoming six months. It is simply a visual to help you decide what giving amount, for you, requires that you walk in faith. Whatever level you find your finances at this time, we encourage you to commit to the Great Assignment at a faith level.

May God’s grace be yours and mine as we navigate the terrain of the Great Assignment given by our Lord.

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