An Heroic Heritage and Our Phenomenal Future: Commitment Sunday

Saturday, November 7 and Sunday November 8 are the first two commitment days for our capital campaign.  Prior to making your commitment, please consider the following:

1.  Prayer. We are asking everyone to pray for wisdom, guidance, and direction over the giving decisions of their family and our worship family too.  We are asking God for insight into investing from our cash flow into the capital campaign.  Additionally, we are seeking the mind of the Lord on transferring assets into the capital campaign.  Over 90 percent of the wealth in America is in the form of assets.  Many of these assets could be transfered into ministry once invested in the capital campaign.  Third, we are asking you to pray for God’s wisdom regarding faith giving.  What might God want to give through you, that you current do not have to give?

2.  Listen.  In answer to expectant, faith based, intercession, we believe God will speak to you.  He will guide you in your giving decisions through His powerful voice. In fact, we have come to love the voice of our Lord.

3.  Obey.  Following prayer and listening comes the joyous stage of obedience.  We have the privilege of doing what God has spoken to us in joyful obedience.

Prayer plus listening plus obedience is an equation that equals amazing things in God.

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