An MCA Worship Covenant

We, the worshippers of Muldoon Community Assembly, make the following commitment to the worship leaders and to Almighty God:

• We commit to true worship in Spirit and in Truth. We repent of seeing worship as entertainment.
• We recognize and respect the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon you and your ministry.
• Do not design your worship ministry around our desires! Lead us to worship as God desires.
• We have heard the voice of the Lord and bless you as God’s appointed worship leaders for this ministry.
• We commit to singing when you sing, shouting when you shout, clapping when you clap, smiling when you smile, for to do otherwise may be rebellion, not to you, but to God who appointed you.

Our worship leaders are like Samuel (1 Samuel 15:1) whom God anointed.

We will joyfully follow your lead and participate wholeheartedly. We will be prompt, participatory, and full of praise of our God.

We will not be like Saul, who presumed to be the leader when, in fact, he was not.

We will not grieve God’s heart (1 Samuel 15:11) by thinking we have the anointing that God has placed upon the worship leads.

We will obey. For “to obey is better than sacrifice.”

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