Another day in the life of a missions team.

Our team left the compound at 7:30 am for our morning of leadership development training.  What a joy to serve approximately 20 pastors in this way.  The sessions were fantastic.

When we boarded the van to head home, we were met with a surprise.  Angry mobs of people had ransacked many of the main roads of the city.  Many roads were blocked with burning tires, trees, and other debris.  Street lights had been torn down.  Windows smashed.

The issue behind the anger?  Food prices have recently tripled.  Many of the common people can not afford rice.  They feel that the rich are getting more wealthy at the expense of the poor.

By tomorrow morning the anger should subside and we will be back to normal here.  We canceled our part in the worship service this evening and are staying inside the mission compound.  Everyone is safe and in no danger.

Our team is generally healthy.  No great sicknesses or anything.  A few sore backs and heat related issues, but all is well.  We are getting ready to start our own service, since we were advised to not travel to the Wemptenga church tonight.  Joe will give the devotional, Fred the worship, and everyone else a testimony.

We should have a tremendous evening.

Pray for us.  We are praying for you.

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