Another MCA Family Doing God’s Work in the World

I received the following glowing report about another MCA family doing tremendous application of the Good News through their lives.  This equipping the saints thing is a total blast.  God is good.

On this story I will change some of the names, places, and details so that this family has privacy.

They sold a small apartment building a while back and cleared about ________ when all was said and
done. They are not wealthy people but have always been pretty good with managing their money. They did not want to use the money for anything for themselves but really wanted to put the money to work for the Lord.

They also wanted it to serve for the advancement of the gospel in their home town. So, totally on their own, they prayed and asked the Lord to guide them and show them what to do. The result…. they are now overseeing the construction of a new building in their home town.

They plan to use the building to house a very cool vision.  She is a hair stylist and plans to use the building to teach other women about hair styling. They also plan to have English classes there and
have missionaries stay there to run the English classes and use English to teach the Bible. They also plan to have a local pastor that they are partnering with use the building to hold gospel meetings. They are praying for a name for the ministry center but it is already under construction and well underway.

I really think that they are doing a tremendous job and their example will serve to stir up others to step out and be radical for God as well.

All right.  I have to admit it.  It is out of the bag.  This is what Jesus called us to do.

Glory to God!

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