Answered Prayer

It didn’t shake the world, but it reminded Danee’ and me of God’s kind and gentle love for His children. Danee’ is interested in being a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She brought a smile to my face when she said, “Dad, do the animals here get to take their medicines and shots?” “No,” I replied, “They don’t have access to meds for animals here.”

“Dad, next year can I give my dividend as a missionary gift for the animal’s medicine in Burkina Faso?”

This reminded me of the importance of Danee’ seeing as many African animals as possible. They don’t have Giraffes in Burkina any longer. You can imagine my surprise when, while driving down the road, Karen shouts out, “Giraffe!?

It was our last day in Burkina this time around. Danee’ hadn’t seen a camel yet. “Lord, We sure would like to see a camel on this trip.” I said. Then I started singing, “Only believe, only believe, camels are possible, only believe.” No joke. Within one minute there were three camels and their Fulani owners.

Go God!


The giraffe is hard to see when I reduce the photo this small. Where’s Waldo rings a bell.


National Geographic photographer, Howard, sent in this photo, claiming his photography is much better than mine.


The giraffe is just over her right shoulder and up a bit.


This Fulani man was unusually kind to us. He even offered to let Danee’ ride. I guess Veterinarians don’t ride the animals, they just doctor them.

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