As it was in the days of Noah…..

The first advent (coming) of Jesus caught virtually the entire world by surprise. A few spiritually sensitive and insightful people were prepared to embrace our Lord. Most folks were living life as usual. Same old stuff, everyday. How could today be important in world history?

In the days of Noah, people were too busy with their everyday lives to think about some lunatic prophesying a world wide flood. In the days of Jesus’ first advent it is possible that the people were of the same mindset.

I wonder about our capacity to expect, even be prepared for, the second advent of Jesus. The Bible teaches that Jesus will return to earth in the same manner He departed. In our understanding there will be the rapture of the Church and an additional event of the Second Advent of Jesus.

Are you any more prepared than the people in the days of Noah and Jesus?

Below is the video with which we ended our Christmas Day service.

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