Australian Aboriginal Outreach Update from Pastor Max Wiltshire

Deep in the core of the MCA Church heart is an abounding love for bringing the Good News to all the people of the world. Our love for the Australian Aboriginal people was first birthed in our hearts by Pastor Max Wiltshire’s great love. Following is our most recent update from Pastor Max and Mereoni.

We are on the go again, visiting some of our great supporting Churches and many are well overdue for a contact, for which we are sorry, not enough weeks in the year. We will be also making contact with many of our Aboriginal Churches as well on this trip, and then doing seminars, and planning training for new couples coming in for training, and with thank the Lord that we have some good couples heading that way, as there are many needy places out there that have no true Christian witness at all, like more than a hundred places we could plant churches if, or when we have the workers to do so.

aboriginal childrenWe have been asked to have a look at some situations that have works already started by someone else, but are not going anywhere, so Brett my son is looking at these. We are in Syd now and will be working with a young worker who has two out-reaches already started right here in the Northern suburbs, and they are going well. There is a large number of Aboriginal people here in Syd, as there is in many of our major cities. which is often a surprise to many, as we often think out-back when we think of Aboriginals. This worker who is planting here also planted in Borroloola NT with tribal people, and told me at a heat level they are the same here as in the out-back, and that’s exactly what I teach in my seminars, so I got that one right.

Our book, “Whatever it Takes” has caused much interest and many are getting copies, so we look like we will have to get many more printed. We love visiting the churches that partner with us, and seeing what the Lord is doing in them, and there is some great thing taking place, what a blessing to see, refreshing to the soul.

I’ll report on these Aboriginal meeting here in Syd after we have been to see how they are developing, and we will be ministering there as well. When I can rope my young fellow in to help me, I’ll send some shots of these meeting and ministry.

Thank the Lord for you and you faithful help, in what we are doing, whether it’s in pray or what level of support we are truly thankful.

Thanks again, regards Max, Mereoni and Kids.

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