Ballot Results and MCA Children’s Ministries

Physician assisted suicide passed in Washington.  Men marrying men and women marrying women almost passed in California.  These types of situations remind me that simply going to church does not indicate that one’s mind thinks like Christ.

The “experts” told us the main issues on the ballot were the economy, the war in Iraq, and other such nonsense.

From my perspective, the most important issue of the day is, “Which leaders have the beginning of wisdom as illustrated in the fear of the Lord?”  It is now urgent that we pray for President Elect Obama to gain the fear of the Lord.

What does this have to do with Children’s Minsitry?

The voting on Tuesday clearly indicates that millions of Christians do not know how to think Christian thoughts.  Christians do not support abortion, the right to an abortion, euthanasia, and any other life ending measures.  The Catholic side of Christianity is fed up with American “Catholic” politicians who support all manner of killing measures.  As a Eucharistic movement, our Catholic brothers may now ban pro-choice folks from Holy Communion.

The urgent question today is, “How do we teach our children the fear of the Lord and to think like the Bible teaches us to think?”

I am not smart enough to have the answers to the questions.  But I hold to the notion of immersion.  Let’s emmerse our children in the ways of the Lord, surround them with adults who fear the Lord, and eliminate ungodly influences that attack their very souls.

You have the opportunity tonight.  Pastor Pam launches the Alaska District Kids Convention and Fine Arts this evening at MCA.  How about inviting every child you know to attend?  Get your own children here.

The immersion of your children now may secure Scriptural votes in fifteen years.

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