The Beauty of Becoming: Blessed are those who mourn

Steven Pavek, today’s teaching pastor, invites us into the becomingness of mourning.

The Beauty of Becoming

Do we understand the beauty of mourning?


  • “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted” Mt 5:4

In order to adopt the attributes of this beatitude I’m challenging us to ask 3 questions.

A. Do we understand why God mourns over our sin?

  • Not Because…he is a cosmic kill joy
  • Not because he is just angry all the time

B. God’s mourning over our sin is derived from His deep love  for us!

  • Sin separates us from his good, pleasing and perfect will
    • Luke 19
    • John 11:35
    • The fact that we have a God that mourns is a terrific thing
    • God’s mourning is intense because the solution is so simple and available.

C. Are we mourning over ALL of OUR sin?

  • We become more like Jesus when our hearts are sensitized to the sin in our lives
  • Eph 4:18-19
  • Are our hearts in a position to mourn over sin that we haven’t been convicted of yet?

D. Are we mourning for those who don’t know that comfort is available?

  • Are we patient with those who are not mourning?
  • Romans 10:14
  • When we understand our brokenness it becomes easier to understand someone else’s
  • Does it bother us that people don’t know Jesus?
    1. Romans 9:1-3
    2. What if we asked God to show us how he feels about the people around us?