Bill Hansen

Our much loved brother in Christ, Bill Hansen, died today with his wife and children by his side.  All of us are on a journey from earth to Glory.  Today Bill kept walking with God in a time and space where the rest of us can not yet walk.  Life after death is the best part of the journey.

Following is part of an email sent by Bill’s son, Howard.

Just a brief note to let you know that Bill passed away this afternoon at about 4;00pm Alaska Standard Time. His breathing became much more labored this morning about 10:00am. We had medicine on hand that helped him to be more comfortable and that helped open his airways. His body was not processing fluid properly because of the lymphoma. This fluid filled his lungs and created excess fluid around his stomach and eventually his arms and legs. As far as we can tell he did not suffer. We are sad that we won’t have him with us here but thankful that he is with the Lord Jesus Christ enjoying seeing clearly instead of looking through the dark glass. It is a time mixed with sadness and exuberance and we rejoice with him. We plan to have a memorial service at Muldoon Community Assembly in Anchorage. We have not yet set the time but will send another e-mail when we have done so. We would like to say thank you to all who have called and written. Bill lived a rich life full of many, many friends.. Thank you for being one of those who enhanced his life on earth.
Howard Hansen
P.S.         Bill did not have a lot of use for earthly possessions. When we traveled back from Bali to Anchorage a few weeks ago, we brought everything he and Margaret wanted to and it consisted of about 2 suitcases. Margaret would like to request that those who would like to do something monetarily in remembrance of his life that you please find someone who is in need and help them in Jesus Name. You could contribute to a charitable cause, but what Bill would like most would be for you to find someone to bless and bless them personally. If you can’t find someone to bless, Muldoon Assembly in Anchorage is currently taking donations to help our Burkina Faso brothers and sisters who are in a severe drought and don’t have enough food to eat. The link to give to this ministry is

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