Blaine Receives License to Preach Credential

Blaine Schmidt was credentialed with the Assemblies of God’s License to Preach credential Thursday evening in the worship service of the Alaska District Council.  Blaine’s love for God, excitement for the work of the Lord in the world today, and his energetic worship style are clearly evident.  Additionally, Blaine has excelled in the academic and theological work required for this credential.

Several years ago, when Blaine was beginning to date Robin, he began to attend MCA on Sunday evenings.  Soon thereafter i called Pastor Rick Benjamin of Abbott Loop Community Church and asked, “One of your members is attending our Sunday evening service.  I sense that God is up to great things in his life and he will become a Pastor.  Would it be alright with you if I begin to give him pastoral assignments?”  Pastor Benjamin said, “I will get back with you.”  Some time later Pastor Rick said to me, “Yes, we feel that it would be good for Blaine to connect with MCA and for him to pursue ministry there.”

What a journey it has been.  Thanks Blaine and Robin.


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