Blaine Schmidt’s Talk

Blaine, MCA’s Sunday Nite Live lead, presented the evening talk this past weekend.  WOW!  God’s hand was upon him and he ministered under a strong anointing.  Thanks, Blaine.

One of our Sunday Nite Live core values is time in the altars in prayer.  God flowed through Blaine and a spirit of prayer came upon our people for prayer, intercession, and supplication.  It was a powerful evening of ministry.

An MCA young adult (Eric) and Dr. Perkins both had a strong word of knowledge that someone in the service was in great need of the power to hold on to God one more day.  “Someone here tonight is considering quiting the race God has marked out for you to run.  Don’t quit, God will give you strength.”

Several people indicated that God ministered to them through the message, word of knowledge, and time of prayer.

Following is a written report that I received a few moments ago…. God is good.

“Just wanted to say, I had cried myself to sleep last night (Sat) and dreamt that I committed suicide. Tonight’s service was a booster shot!”

Every service, each word, song, and prayer count.  I wish we could have a church service every day of the week.  Everyday, all day, and through out the day, people need a place to meet with God.

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