Blessed to Bless Ministries

The Alaska District Council of the Assemblies of God commences in about a week.  The Council is the annual gathering of our sisters and brothers in Assemblies of God ministry in Alaska.  Our good friends at Anchorage First Assembly of God in Anchorage are our hosts this year.  Pastor Gary and Alice are among the best hosts in the world.

Yesterday, while waiting for my family, I started a conversation with Mark Short.  Mark was serving customers in a jewelry,  Christian books, and arts and crafts store.  In the conversation he asked me if I knew a man in Anchorage named Mark P.  “Sure, I know him very well.  He set up our churches computer system and was our computer lead for many years.”

Come to find out, Mark Short is involved in a ministry designed to bless ministers.  He created B2B: Blessed to Bless as a ministry of encouragement to those in ministry.  Their theme Bible verse is Proverbs 11:25, “A generous man shall prosper; He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”

B2B is located in Branson, Missouri.  They specialize in lodging, show tickets, and hospitality to ministers who need a break from the stress of ministry.

I was truly enriched by “bumping” into Mark in the Mall.

With District Council a few days away, why don’t you take your blessing and bless a minister?  Find a pastor, missionary, or delegate whom you would love to bless and pour hospitality upon them?

Start your own B2B.

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